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Construction Documentation Service

With vast experience in construction document management, BluEnt can automate, streamline and organize your entire construction documentation process. Armed with intelligently designed CAD tools to solve real world productivity problems competently, BluEnt provides construction documentation services to its clients in customized packages. BluEnt provides construction documentation services to its clients in the following ways:

BluEntCAD Approach

CAD Drafting Service Architecture

Needs Analysis: BluEntCAD Project Manager (PM) starts the engagement process with the client; reviews the current standards; and defines the needs.

Define Scope and Responsibilities: The most suitable engagement model and the workshare process is defined; roles and responsibilities are set in detail.

Tasks Allocation Process: Project Manager (PM), Team Leader (TL) and Sr. Draftsperson analyze the project scope and allocate tasks to draftspersons; turnaround time (TAT) for each individual is set.

Employee Engagement Process: Depending upon the volume of the drafting, BluEntCAD shifts to the “Engagement Model” (BluEntCAD’s Internal Process of Resource Deployment), and increases the number of draftmen.

Quality Assurance Process: We engage in-house BIM consultants for quality control. While working on SDs and DDs, our BIM experts identify potential spatial conflicts, if any.

Convergence Facilities: Regular video and desktop conferencing between the teams (client and BluEntCAD) are set up to go over design changes and mark ups as redlines need to be incorporated.

Final Quality Check: Each draft goes through a series of quality control processes. Members perform cross quality check (QC) on each other’s work and share the findings. Sr. Technician reviews the results. Finally, the PM reviews the entire project in a single environment in BIM and proceeds to prepare Construction Documentation sets.

Benefits of Outsourcing CD

  • Customized Documentations
  • No Overhead Expenditure
  • Reduced Turnaround Time for Processes
  • Flexible and Tailor-made Solutions
  • Leveraging Knowledge of Trained Professionals
  • Access to Advanced Technology Assets
  • More Time to Focus on Marketing of Projects
  • No Pain, More Gain

BluEnt Advantage

  • Superior Quality Outputs
  • 100% Error-free Construction Documentation
  • Integrated Service Offerings
  • Scalability and Quick Ramp-up Capabilities
  • Greater Cost Savings
  • Strong Domain Expertise
  • Flexible and tailor-made solutions for requirements
  • Increased bandwidth for transferring heavy images

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About Construction Documentation Service

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