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One of the most influential IT revolutions of the decade has been the development of solutions for managing the ever-increasing volume of documents at most firms. For those in the building industry, Scanning paper drawings into a digital format is by far the most efficient way to maintain the records; however, it’s much easier said than done. This process is defined as Paper to CAD conversion . Get in touch with our experts to know more about CAD ConversionE-mail:
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Paper to CAD conversion
Paper to CAD Conversion

Advantages of  Paper to CAD Conversion

  • Provides a common electronic database.
  • Reduces print times for documents with document management and easy retrieval of information.
  • Improves information flow with workflow and E-mail tools.
  • Increases value and quality of paper drawings through integration with CAD.
  • Leads to fewer lost, damaged, and misplaced documents.
  • Provides immediate availability of information.

What We Provide

Paper to CAD conversion involves converting paper drawings to comprehensive and accurate Computer Aided Designs that can be easily edited by various CAD software. At BluEntCAD, we have years of experience of perfecting this craft to achieve the highest degree of proficiency and quick turnaround time for our clients. We manage platform migrations carefully to safeguard the desired standards and layers during conversion and ensure an error-free final product.

In particular, we specialize in CAD to Revit conversions for real estate firms, architects, and home builders. BluEntCAD also has the capability to convert old paper drawings to CAD and Revit for renovation projects. Our team of drafters is marked by professionals with specialisations in site plans, floor plans, cabling layouts, elevations, details, survey maps, electrical/HVAC/process flow diagrams, etc. to meet each of your drawing needs.

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The BluEnt Advantage

Our team of drafters and developers is proficient in CAD conversions between various platforms including AutoCAD, Revit, and VectorWorks. Our clients testify to the exceptional quality of our work.

Here are a few reasons to choose BluEntCAD:

  • Commitment to providing quality and consistency at competitive prices
  • Years of experience with Paper to CAD conversion
  • Up-to-date infrastructure and technical experience
  • Constant upgrades in advanced technologies

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