3D CAD Model: The Greatest Tool for Architectural Presentation

3d modelling views

With the advent of computer technology, it is now possible to create three dimensional models in virtual space, to place lights and cameras at the desired location and to assign color, form and texture to your architectural design to make it look as photorealistic as possible. 3D CAD models may be used for architectural presentations, brochure design, and other design clarifications, helping clients perceive ideas. 3D CAD solid models are also useful in training manuals and catalogues.

The BluEntCAD Way

BluEntCAD is an expert in creating 3D AutoCAD or animation models. After creating the CAD computer aided drafting, we export the model to 3D Studio Max or similar software, in which we supply the best possible design quality, using our extensive experience with lighting and texture mapping. We currently have architectural and interior design perspectives in our portfolio.

3D CAD models may be used for architectural presentations, brochure design and other design clarifications, helping clients perceive ideas.


BluEnt creates a photomontage of your architectural design with site photographs and other relevant information. With photomontage you can virtually view your architectural design in its habitat.

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