Architectural Visualization and Its Advantages

architectural visualization

Architectural visualization or 3D architectural visualization refers to the activity of translating an architectural design into three-dimensional structures prior to construction. 3D visualizations are produced by feeding CAD drawings and textures into computer software. The result is a virtually rendered 3D image or a 3D movie.

A realistic architectural visualization integrates dimensions to virtually generate a 3D image of how the building would ultimately resemble. 3Ds max architectural visualization is the computer generation of images, which are transformed through 3D visualization software like 3Ds Max and Maya. 3D architectural visualization can also be called photorealistic rendering.

Advantages of Architectural Visualization

3D construction visualization

Approval from the Local Building Regulators

3D architectural visualization has the favor of building regulatory authorities.
Planning officers increasingly show an inclination towards construction visualizations.

As 3D architectural visualizations are easier to review due to life-like resemblance, they save time and effort during approval.

Assistance to Architects during Design Development

Architects are increasingly using 3D architectural visualizations for easier plans in the design development phase, as it simplifies modifications.

Interior designers also benefit from house visualizations. They can review the building materials, fabric, colors, and then finalize the choice of materials. Thus, 3D architecture visualization offers a scope for experimentation.

Generation of Property Marketing

Architectural visualization has made marketing property easier because photo-real imagery allows clients to preview their buildings before making a purchase.
Real estate builders give house visualizations to showcase their prospective clients of how the finished building will look like.
It also helps when generating marketing brochures, sales pamphlets, and display stands.

BluEntCAD employs the latest software tools to create visualizations for your projects.
We are constantly improving ourselves. This aspect is indispensable for both design development and business development.

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