BluEntCAD Capitalizing BIM for Growth

New Delhi, July 20th, 2009: BluEntCAD’s Architectural Outsourcing division tries to capitalize the quest for competence in the AEC. The firm provides architectural documentation and building construction documentation and manages outsourcing activities like BIM modeling, drawing and drafting services for building construction, and other infrastructure projects. BluEnt uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) to serve clients in the markets of Australia, Middle East, US and Europe. BluEnt partnered with many architectural firms, builders, real estate companies, investors and real estate funds.

According to Sajeel Khanna, Senior Vice President- Outsourcing at BluEnt: “The architectural profession is currently facing at least three important transformations: integrated practice, the re-emergence of sustainable design, and building information modeling (BIM) . BIM offers a digital paradigm shift, and this is in many ways similar to the CAD revolution in the 1980s. Today, BIM is becoming popular in the design, engineering and construction industry.

Firms across the world are beginning to use BIM and believe that BIM plays a key role in the delivery of projects, in terms of saving time and costs. Various aspects of BIM are being explored and tools are developed continuously in order to make BIM a greater part of building technology. Skills are being developed to integrate BIM as a part of the design.

The gap between design and construction can be bridged with the adoption of BIM software and this could greatly aid developers, investors, construction personnel, architecture, and engineers. Through various case studies, it has been established that BIM, if used appropriately, can improve the delivery of building projects.”

Ravi Khanna, Director of BluEnt and also a Member Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MIRCS), is optimistic about BIM’s advantages in sustainability and in project management. According to Mr. Khanna: “Sustainable design and construction is crucial today, and BIM aids this process by following the LEED building rating system. LEED-certified buildings will help make our built environment sustainable by providing a green environment to occupants and thus by demonstrating the owner and occupants’ responsibility towards the environment. Credits are awarded to each building that meets the specified prerequisites and performance benchmarks. The use of Revit in design development provides essential data that can be used for sustainable design.”

Emphasizing BIM in construction management, Mr. Khanna noted: “BIM assists this process by encouraging collaborative project management, that is, providing access and distribution of information and making it available in various formats to all involved in the project.

This is done to avoid loss of information and to simplify viewing, reviewing and access to all data. The information can be accessed by various users for multiple uses: project planning, project management, costs estimation, etc. Technologically, this is done also to span geographical and time boundaries and hence enables efficient data exchange, project management and collaboration. This is further enhanced in large scale, complex building projects as it allows accurate communication.”

The advantages of Building Information Modeling (BIM) are the compatibility and interoperability that it offers through technology which simplifies the exchange of information. This is essential in the building process as the information travels through various people to get compiled in one database. The possibility of data getting lost is tremendous. BIM fosters this exchange in digital formats with ease and efficiency through three dimensional CAD software solutions.

BluEnt’s BIM services include schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and working drawings, for both engineering and architecture.

About BluEnt

BluEnt is based in Texas, US,  The firm offers exceptional CAD Drafting and BIM Modeling. With three decades of trade experience, we provide project-based and long-term CAD support by allotting a draftsperson(s) to work on projects.

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