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24 Aug 2016

Hire An Architect: 4 Things to Keep In Mind

Hire An Architect or an architecture company requires a lot of deliberation before you finally pick the right one for your project/ assignment.

Otherwise, a lot of times, we tend to hasten our decision to hire one – only to get our faulty work redone.

Things you need to keep in mind before you hire an Architect

1. Amazing portfolio

Not all architects have an amazing stack of the portfolio to showcase. As a result, the experience needed to take the project to the next level requires an ample amount of confidence, versatility, and vision – which, to a large extent, reflects from your past credentials. So ensure that you study the past credentials and assess the work before you pick that architect.

2. Hire regardless of size

This one is crucial: look for an architect who has worked on multiple projects – big and small – categorically smaller projects, as this shows the architect’s sense of autonomy, entrepreneurial quality, and flexibility to work in small teams in a startup-kind-of setup.

3. Have an eye for Design

Of course, not all architects have a design bent of mind.

After all, there are interior designers for that job, then why architects?

Because you need to ensure that the architectural fee you are bearing needs to be in proportion to the construction cost.

The answer is: it all depends on your project’s budget and skills requirement. And for that reason, you should never compromise with the design and its experience it renders for your project stakeholders. The overall look and feel of the construction site (though rests with your designers), also need the architect’s eye to ensure that it meets the design intent that you initially set for you and your team.

4. Can be a multi-tasker

This one is warranted. Whether inspecting ongoing work or visiting the job site, or computer drafting, the architect needs to juggle many things at one go to never feel bored doing the same thing every day. Multi-tasking can never leave you at an impasse – and that is what you should be looking in an architect to carry out the project’s responsibilities effectively.

What things do you keep in mind before hiring an architect?

Perhaps we can fulfill them. Want to know how?

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