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20 Nov 2015

What’s in a Dream Team?

A team that dreams together succeeds together. Isn’t that the stuff CEO dreams are made of?

Well, collective ambition is possible. All you need to do is to get personal.

Most employees fail to be productive because they are clueless about the core mission of their companies. They don’t understand the purpose of their business. BluEntCAD survival tip: Discuss organizational goals with your senior. Trust us, you need to know.

Once you understand the vision, you can figure out your limits. What does that mean? Simply, you know what you can and cannot do in the pursuit of your organizational goals. Emily Truelove and Douglas A. Ready from the MIT Sloan School of Management published an insightful article in 2011 on how collective ambition revitalized companies who suffered a great deal of collateral damage after the recession.

The study proved that as soon as people understood their position in the organization, identifying opportunities for both individual and organizational growth became an easy task. They were able to figure out the exact time and effort required to move to the next level.

What’s more, the promises that they made to customers, investors, partners, regulators, and communities were based on a complete understanding of the company‘s strategic and operational priorities. To illustrate their point, they cited the examples of the Four Seasons and the Standard Chartered Bank. As we all know, both organizations have survived the recession as smartly as possible.

The problem begins when companies restrict the vision from trickling down within the hierarchy. The company’s purpose is stifled in boardroom discussions when it could easily become the life-breath of the organization itself.

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Don’t allow that to happen to you. Get out there and ask a question. Chances are you will get an answer by the end of the day.

At BluEntCAD, we get personal. Because we are more than just cogs in a machine. There are days when we feel that saving the world is a more inspiring purpose, but we know that designing and delivering innovative mobile applications to connect communities and pushing for higher levels of accuracy in construction documentation are equally worthy reasons for waking up in the morning. A bit of practice and a lot of integrity is the BluEntCAD mantra. What’s yours?

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