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27 Jan 2021

3D Product Visualization for Furniture: Top Benefits

Inside the secrets of selling furniture: Here’s how 3D product visualization will increase your conversion rates and grab the attention of investors.  

If your furniture’s high-quality, why isn’t it selling?

I’ll start with another question: Which furniture website would you close: The one with realistic imagery, or the one without images? 

Thought so. You’re almost certainly closing the one without images.

3D product visualization doesn’t just groom your brand’s image – it also helps you sell more of your products.

It would be a mistake to think your camera could do an equally good job. Product rendering is a far more powerful tool for getting your audience’s attention, because unlike photographs, it can be interactive. Image manipulation will give visitors the ability to easily view your product’s details. 

According to this study by Global Market Insights, the market size for 3D rendering surpassed USD 2 billion in 2019. It is further expected to grow between 2020 and 2026 at over 20% CAGR. Over 20% of the market share goes to product modeling.

3D product visualization is popularly used for industrial goods, real estate, manufacturing and furniture industries.

Due to snowballing competition, professionals have resorted to using product rendering and architectural visualization for advertising websites, online catalogues, brochures and platforms.

Here’s how furniture rendering will help boost your sales.

A Lifelike Replica: Visitors Can See Exactly What They’re Getting

Get a competitive edge in this dynamic market.

Architects use 3D product rendering to recreate realistic layout designs. Shade and lighting are applied to make the model look authentic.

This can be used by different industries such as interior designing, interior articles, floors, materials and most importantly, furniture.

Skeptical about its uses? You’ll be happy to know that a quality 3D product visualization promises a quality real-life model that sustains customer satisfaction.

Edit Images as Per Your Requirements

Traditional furniture rendering used real-life models with proper lighting to capture brochure-worthy photographs. Using furniture rendering software enables you to edit and correct the lighting whenever you need to.

Images can also be rendered against a plain or colored background. This eliminates the need for professional photographers or costly studio visits.

You can produce the design in a 360-degree rotation format to help view the layout from all angles. Your customers will thank you.

A Great Choice for Selling Luxury Furniture

The market size for luxury furniture could grow by USD 6.43 billion between 2020 and 2024. 

But you’re not just selling furniture. You’re selling a lifestyle. 

3D furniture rendering software will help you not just express a design’s functionality and beauty, but entice clients with the promise of a better, more luxurious life.

Such models are precise and detailed. They can be applied to any kind of furniture, such as sofas, tables and chairs, complete with their trimmings, fastenings and colors. It is especially useful for luxury furniture, thanks to its accuracy and lighting.

Architects can safeguard their intellectual property through MAP systems. These only allow authorized design experts and architects to access their designs.

Wow Clients With Virtual Walkthroughs

According to a recent study, half of all adult internet users rely on virtual walkthroughs for their decision-making process, and customers spend a whopping 5–10 times more on websites with virtual tours.

You can take your clients through a 3D virtual walkthrough. They will be able to easily see whether the furniture suits the complete layout. This is a good alternative to using 3D cameras and videos, which are difficult to set up.

Smaller physical models don’t provide a great view for the client. Virtual walkthroughs allow designers to showcase their designs across the world and display products realistically.

Change the Game With 3DS Max 

For anyone in the architecture or interior designing business, it is important to keep looking for better techniques to build your structures. Here, 3ds Max furniture rendering can be your game-changer.

Contrary to regular 3D rendering services, 3D Max furniture rendering comes with many more features to create a fantastic impression on your clients.

You can use V-Ray rendering and textures, V-Ray + Photoshop, 3ds Max poly modeling tools to model high-poly furniture.

Planning for the Future: Reducing Risk

If you’re experimenting with how to use 3D rendering for furniture, you could use this technology to know if your idea will be accepted by the client.

Instead of building a cost, time and labor-intensive physical model, you can create a 3D virtual sample and show it to your client.

This will help you know whether your blueprint will be readily accepted by the market, or if you need to make certain changes to the same.

3D rendering also helps in calculating the required amount of material, as you now have an idea of the product’s demand. Thanks to this, you can also estimate the approximate total cost at the end of production.


You are now equipped with the knowledge of how 3D product visualization will help increase your sales. The next step is to implement it.

If you’ve read till here, you want your furniture to fly off the shelves. Luckily for you, BluEntCAD can help make that happen.

We provide 3D furniture rendering services that will attract investors, boost your sales, and enhance your marketing. Get product shots, lifestyle shots, scene-setting, and 3D product modeling. 

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