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What are the Best 3D Rendering Software Tools for an Interior Designer?

3D Rendering

3D rendering software

We are all well aware of the fact that 3D rendering has intensely taken the construction industry by a storm! Do you remember the time when your clients wouldn’t be able to grasp what their home or office’s interior design would look like? People always had the abstract idea, but they couldn’t exactly understand it well enough. Today interior designers have access to 3D rendering software that allows them to create life-like imagery.

These hyper-realistic imageries give clients a crystal-clear understanding of what their workspace or home would look like post-construction. Your clients are definitely putting in valuable money on their dream projects and that money has to talk. These 3D rendering tools have become the modern medium which deciphers the imaginary abstract design from the client’s head (of course, by following the defined interior design process).

3D rendering software tools enable the construction companies to create more creative and unique designs. It also helps in attracting and retaining an impressive set of global clientele. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Renderings aren’t a new concept, in fact, it existed in the traditional form of hand drawings, showcasing what the final project would look like once the construction is over. However, today, there are interior design software tools that enable designers to develop images/renderings that are not only better but also massively realistic. The latter is always a plus point to carry out every project efficiently!

3D rendering is being used by most of the companies in the AEC industry. The question is what makes you stand out in this competitive world which is why every designer strives to offer the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

Nevertheless, according to BluEntCAD, using the right tool for rendering makes a huge difference. Hence, the professionals have defined how the best 3D rendering software can impact an interior designer’s work. There are 4 software tools for rendering that can assist in developing superior quality renders in a shorter time frame.

BluEntCAD professionals reiterate the purpose of using one of this 3D rendering software is to create a ‘wow’ factor. This is what can give the interior designers an edge amongst their competitors.


The Best 3D Rendering Software for Interior Designers:


VRAY is an amazing software for rendering that can prove to be an irreplaceable tool for large businesses and professional artists. Yes, it does come with a price, but it’s worth every penny. Designers need to be trained to be able to work smoothly with this 3D rendering software.

There are several advantages of using VRAY: 

  • It allows interior designers to communicate the designs more effectively.
  • It does its job in a short span of time. A really short span of time.
  • It offers quicker render time frames.
  • It also enables everyone involved in the project to see what is going to work or not.
  • The fact that it can be integrated with other rendering software and tools such as Sketchup, 3DS Max, and Rhino is a great advantage!

The VRAY library is exhaustive that can create the most hyper-realistic images and take the 3D renderings to the next level!


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Why Lumion, you ask? It adds value to design processes that can leave every interior designer amazed. The design productivity is way higher while working with Lumion. Like VRAY, it is super-fast and creates the most life-like images. This 3D rendering software can create an immersive experience for your clients that takes this to a whole other level!

Once you create 3D models in popular CAD design software like ArchiCAD, Revit or Sketch-up, you can seamlessly reload or import it into Lumion without any hassles. This can be done countless times until you get a design that is sheer perfection! The most important thing for any designer is to be able to communicate the design in an effective way. Lumion won’t let you down! 

Saving time is one thing, saving costs? A completely brilliant strategy. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve like VRAY and doesn’t require any training costs. While it can be a piece of cake for expert designers, the others can easily work with it and deliver fantastic renderings!

Blender 3D Rendering Software

One of the most popular and fast-growing software! It is a free and open source 3D editor which proves to be a great tool for small businesses and interior designers working independently. This rendering software can also be used for modeling, simulation, animation and is a cross-platform program that supports Window, Linux and Mac.

Blender offers a huge number of libraries, free character download, and tutorials. The cloud library in Blender includes a countless number of textures from animals, humans, eyes to clouds, rocks, trees or even wood. Do you need to train other designers? No problem! It offers this for character modeling, 3D printing, VFX, rigging and even advance digital painting.

To conclude, it is a powerful tool that doesn’t need licensing or payment. It is a great start for smaller businesses or individual designers who can deliver stupendous renderings with the help of this software.



What is so special about Maxwell? That it is a popular tool with both beginners and working professionals of interior design and architectural industry. Maxwell is a user-friendly tool which is completely free for usage and distribution. It is also an open source rendering software.

Maxwell offers the simplicity in the user interface and abundance in features, and these are the simple things any designer would require in creating attractive photorealistic animations and images of interior designs as an end product.

It is comparatively quicker and easier to learn how to use Maxwell. This is the reason why the majority of architectural and interior designing students opt to begin their rendering experiences with Maxwell and later move on to more complicated ones.

Another advantage of working on this software is that it has formed a huge community for its users which is very resourceful and helpful. If you are stuck with any issues related to the software, you have easy access to the right kind of help.


Some designers do experience one downside with this software is that it might get little slow at rendering, but that doesn’t cause designers to lose their interest because Maxwell is popular for its beautiful photorealistic renderings. After all, good things take time.


All these 3D rendering software can help architectural firms and interior designers to reach a greater height! Impression clients with a wow design aren’t easy. Today’s expectations are sky-rocketing and it takes immense effort to gain that vote of confidence.

Such software are best because of the advantages that cannot be overlooked and are simply unbeatable in comparison to other 3D rendering software and tools in the market. For your next 3D rendering project, connect with BluEntCAD! You can rest assured that your design is in the best hands!

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