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Best EVs on the Road

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We made our list of the top electric cars of the moment.

Electric vehicles (EV) were once seen as an impractical alternative to fuel version. But today it has emerged as a revolution. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about BluEntCAD ServicesE-mail:
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  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV
    This jelly bean style car is the cheapest electric car. Japanese automaker Cut down its Pricing and turned to be the cheapest one. 16 kWh battery, 62 miles (EPA), 112 MPGe, 49 kW motor.

  • Smart Fortwo Electric Drive
    Smart’s Fortwo Electric Drive is another cheapest new electric car in the market. You only get two seats, but you get rid of the gasoline car’s jerky transmission. Convertible models are an extra $3,000 but top-down electric driving is a wholly pleasant experience. 6 kWh battery, 68 miles (EPA), 107 MPGe, 55 kW motor.

  • Chevrolet Spark EV
    With improved aerodynamics and interior to match electric aspiration, Chevrolet has put the efforts to modify the old Spark Version. Performance is strong with huge torque. Till now it is being sold in in California, Oregon, and Maryland.
    19 kWh battery, 82 miles (EPA), 119 MPGe, 105 kW motor.

  • Nissan Leaf
    Five years after its debut, the Leaf is the bestselling electric car in history. Nissan expects to deliver the 200000 Leaf this month, a testament to the car’s wide appeal.
    24-30 kWh battery, 84 -107miles (EPA), 112-114 MPGe, 80 kW motor.

  • Ford C-MAX Energi
    Ford’s first plug-in hybrid challenger mixes good performance with impressive efficiency in electric mode. Like the Toyota Prius V, it’s a practical vehicle too.
    6 kWh battery, 20 miles (EPA), 88 MPGe, 88 kW motor (195-hp combined).

Other than these, well-known automobile companies like BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen Mercedes-Benz etc. also deal in a good variety of electronic vehicles.

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