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21 Dec 2016

Casework and Millwork Design Trends in Corporate Environment

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There has been a huge shift in the way offices used to be designed 20 years back. The corporate and work environment has seen a humongous change in the past few years, which is changing the definition of what millwork or casework is all about.

The offices do not appreciate the rigid and closed layouts anymore; they prefer more spacious layouts with windows and daylight flowing into their workspaces. However since they still need a certain amount of privacy and isolated time, too many windows can lead to more noise from the outside and expand sightlines. That can add to some amount of stress and chaos. This isn’t an ideal environment during crucial meetings or when engrossed in work that requires a higher intensity of focus and dedication.

Whether the business is a large or a small scale one, all companies want to incorporate open and shared spaces in their work environment. There is a current trend emerging of adding a ‘take a break’ area and cafes. The open and shared plan gives way to a higher level of collaboration between team members and encourages team spirit. It also comes with the advantage of the long period of flexibility and a reduced life-cycle cost. The earlier workspace being more repetitive and plain was quite productivity draining. This flexibility in the workspace and the positive impact on the team helps in increased productivity. These major alterations in the workspace have been made by the corporate members to facilitate creativity and teamwork.

However, this need to have a more open workspace comes with its own challenges. This trend has added a slight pressure on the millworkers and caseworkers to focus on this new arena of expectations aligning it with the interior systems be it libraries, storage areas, kitchenettes, conference rooms or reception lobbies. Initially, modular and standardized products were used in office spaces since it gave a systematic work layout, reduced the amount of detailing work and that would also mean reduced costs. Casework and Millwork Design trend is changing swiftly and inevitably. Companies are utilizing their resources to add easy-going, environment-friendly interiors with adaptable furniture systems with a superior finish quality.

Here are the 3 most inescapable casework and millwork design trends emerging in corporate environments:

Modularity and flexibility for the nomadic and frenzy corporate pros

The workspace elements are now becoming movable and portable. The smaller organizations rising on the horizon, there is no surety of their growth or existence. They need to have portable furniture so that when they want to shift to a new place or a new venture altogether, they can carry their investments with them. Built-in furniture is thus losing its importance. Built-in furniture not only takes the time to create but also costs more money. The millennial of today wants to shuffle and move their conference space, workstations, book units, storage and other cabinets more frequently. They want these casework components and other elements to be more adaptive to their work process, projects and team sizes.

Modular and flexible casework elements also tend to give a feeling of ‘openness’, which is what ultimately a corporate environment aims at.

A new look, a new expression – casework and millwork design reflecting novel aesthetics

The caseworkers and millworkers are coming up with new design plans to meet the challenges and align them with the current Casework and Millwork Design trends. They need to add a dual effect to their creations. The aesthetic and appealing designs are added in a way to ensure that the modularity, flexibility, and durability of the products are maintained. For example, to address better acoustics, the custom and off the shelf products are integrated with soundproofing elements in the structures. For good acoustical control, equipment such as the room dividers or floating bookcases have acoustical fixtures installed. Soundproofing fixtures such as foam are used in the undersides of cabinets that are hidden but always functioning.

The selection of material and hardware – embracing imperfections

With this modern trend towards creating a lighter and more flexible office environment, a more comfortable and relaxed look is becoming the norm. Even the office wear has become a bit more casual. It’s no longer a ‘suit and tie’ attitude. This has an impact on the selection of materials and hardware used to build structures. One of the parameters is that they need to fit their selections with the new ‘professional yet de-stressed’ environment. Hence, more reclaimed materials are in use as it creates a satisfactory visual appeal, staying in alignment with the ‘novel corporate feel’. Hardware chosen for this purpose is tougher. The focus is more on functionality so as to create the long-lasting product, fixtures such as recessed indoors or recessed grooves are used. Soft-closing drawer glides and aluminum-frame box drawer, that are less noisy, are used to provide higher modularity.

The real challenge for the caseworkers and millworkers is to align their design ideas and products to the organization’s vision, quest and the characteristics of the employees.

Are you looking to renovate or create a brand new space for your organization? Write to us. Tell us your mission and what you want to achieve from your workspace. BluEntCAD – Millwork drafting company they will design and build on ideas that align with your adopted Casework and Millwork Design trends and vision.



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