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03 May 2019

Autumn is the Best Time to Decorate Your Home

Decorate Your Home this Autumn season with Autumn Leaves, Pumpkins, Lights and Candles. The chill in the air indicates the coming of autumn season. End of summer encourages fun activities at your homes.

Autumn season is the best time to decorate your home. Fun activities for both children and adults such as collecting leaves and pine cones for wreaths, heading to local market to buy pumpkin patch; aroma of the baking fresh apple and pumpkin pies. You can smell the brewing of hot spiced apple cider all around you.

Learn some easy autumn craft ideas for your home this autumn season.

Create limb and leaf flower vase for decorating your home: Collect some small tree limbs, pine cones and twigs from your yard. These limbs leaves should be small wispy. First wash them nicely and then let them dry. You can paint these dry limbs, pine cones and leaves in your favorite colors and arrange them in a beautiful vase.

To display the limbs it is advisable to choose a large tall vase. Place the vase at the best location of your home so that it can be viewed by all the visitors. Arrange the autumn leaves around the bottom of the vase.

The colorful leaves will be an attractive point for both the adults as well as children. You can also use a vine of leaves, and hook them onto the limbs and put some around the vase to make your home look even more attractive.

Wreath Leaf Display: You can decorate your front door with wreath leaf display along with bells and colorful ribbons. You must buy a grapevine or straw wreath. Add some autumn leave to the wreath, by using craft glue. You can even buy an artificial vine leaves and simply wind it around the wreath. Add ribbons, small bells and small cartoon characters on the wreath to make look more attractive for the autumn season. Hang it on your wall or front door.

Glass Jar Displays: Make your courtyard look more beautiful by putting a glass jar filled with autumn leaves collected from your yard. Close the jar from the top and wrap a matching ribbon around the lid. You can make a lid for the jar by cutting some colorful piece of material and place it on the top of the jar. Tie a ribbon around the rim of the jar and put it in your courtyard for your barbeque party over the weekend.

Wheat Weaving: Collect some stalks from the local farmers or craft shop. Soak the wheat in a tub of water for an hour. Braid the steam of the wheat stalks by holding three seed heads together. You can create an oval loop, a heart shape or simple circle wreath with these wheat stalks. After creating the shape of your choice tie it with a bright colorful ribbon. As the stalks get dry, they will hold to the created shape. You can also paint this wheat stalk with different colors and put some autumn leaves from your yard around them to make it look more attractive.

Display lights: Lighten up your home with Christmas lights. Place strings of tiny colorful lights around the wreath which is displayed on your front door. You can also display lights around the autumn leaves, gourds and pumpkins or simply place some lights in a glass jar along with some autumn leaves and place it in your living room.

Decorate your Pumpkins: Select golden, crest color pumpkins and place with them on your walkway. Clean out the interior of a pumpkin, you can paint the exteriors with different sizes of colorful dots or make sometime abstract designs to make it look attractive and displaying it on the walkway. You can also cut the exteriors of the pumpkin into circles and place candles in the curves so that when you light up the candles your walkway brightens up.

Let us give farewell to this summer season as the fall season has begun and we are waiting for the holidays eagerly. We are all excited about Halloween and waiting anxiously for the Thanksgiving.

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