29 Apr 2016

Is social media making you anti-social?

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Lately, I have been watching people take photographs of themselves while waiting in a queue to get into the elevator. Is it me, or, is the non-occasion the occasion now?

We are taking photographs of birthday parties because we everyone need to see that we have birthday parties. I suppose nothing exists unless it is on Facebook first.

A week ago, I was talking to a friend about how I was going through a particularly happy phase of life. What caught me by surprise was his comment. He said, ‘But your timeline didn’t look like it.’

I was stuck between the virtual and the real, caught between random tags, bursts of sudden bonding and my own personal journey. Is it time to retreat from cyberspace and retire to a tiny hamlet without Wi-Fi?

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Is there a way out?

Social media is a complex world, brilliant in its original design and nature. It is based on a strong insight into human nature – the need for connection.

Glancing through gazillions of photos, you come across a picture of a baby stumbling all over a wet walkway and you can’t stop laughing. There, right in the middle of nowhere, you made a connection and you realize that your friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend, must have laughed at it too. And, you make a connection. Boom, like that.

It is like an old poem about people being lighthouses on islands in a vast, empty sea, shining that one beam of light down the water in the hope that it will return. In 2016, we send a ‘like’ and we hope someone will like it too.

But, let’s not destroy the power of connections. Let’s be real and have a code of conduct for social media.

The BBC gets its right with their golden rule – Don’t do anything stupid. If you already have, you can stop. You don’t need to continue.

Gossip is so 1999. Why are friends with people just so you can snoop around their wall? Understand the need for privacy.

Looking for someone to date? Get on a dating app. LinkedIn is probably not a good place to start. Grow up.

Unless they are stars on reality TV, people have a life. They wake up in the morning, wear socks, talk to their grandmothers and sing songs. Don’t think so? Well, imagine them without check-ins, selfies and status messages.

Drop the dp pressure, people. Adding technology to your face is not a good idea. You are good and you should know it. Don’t let these pixels bother you.

Go cool. See what’s happening around the world. Find the B&B review that you will need in Amsterdam. Get the download on the latest South Goa joint. Use that Smokey Eye tutorial for Saturday. Connect with an artist. The sky is the limit.

Don’t let social media make you anti-social.

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