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01 Sep 2021

Top 11 Ideas For Kitchen Millwork Cabinets

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Wood kitchen cabinets, brick wall and floor to ceiling windows in Brooklyn, NYC

Millwork cabinets age well and add warmth and elegance to kitchens. If you’re looking to build a kitchen or undertake a kitchen remodel, this article is for you.

Best Wood Choices for Millwork Cabinets

Certain woods work better than others depending on the type of millwork cabinets you want and your budget. Take a look at some of the most popular woods people go for.

  • Red Oak Cabinets: Ideal for custom, partially custom or stock wood cabinets due to red oak’s strength, durability, and relatively low cost.

  • White Oak Cabinets: Typically used for custom millwork, and great for a period or arts & crafts look. White oak has a subtler grain and is a bit stronger than red oak.

  • Pine Cabinets: If you want to go rustic, pine is a good choice. It is lightweight and inexpensive, and usually whitish or yellowish with brown whorls. It also paints well, so you can use it for bright furniture. However, since it is a softwood, it is prone to dents and scratches.

  • Cherry Cabinets: Cherry wood brings elegance, formality, and a bit of a traditional look to any space. However, it is also versatile enough to look contemporary, and is hard enough to withstand scratches and knocks.

  • Hard Maple Cabinets: Ideal for a light, contemporary style. Hard maple is often used for custom or semi-custom cabinets and dressed with a natural or clear finish. It is less dense than oak, and slightly more expensive.

  • Ash Cabinets: This is the choice for you if you want something as durable and strong as oak, but in a lighter color. With a natural or clear finish, it offers a gorgeous contemporary look.

Top Ideas For Kitchen Millwork Cabinets

Now that you’re familiar with various types of popular woods, it’s time to dive into the latest custom kitchen cabinet trends. Whatever you choose, make sure the drafting solutions are up to the mark for the best results.

  • Metal Grate Cabinets

    This is a striking option that adds charm and visual interest. Instead of traditional glass, use metal grate fronts for your display cabinets. You’ll be able to see through the grate, which can be charming, but you won’t necessarily have to organize the cabinet neatly, since the grates will disguise messes.

  • Build Into the Island

    Your custom kitchen island doesn’t have to just stand there. Make it even more useful by adding millwork cabinets and drawers. This way, you can keep more wall space clear, which will give the impression of a larger room.

  • Pastel Cabinets

    Pastels, despite being “soft” colors, can add a dash of whimsy and charm to otherwise neutral spaces. Think pistachio green, subtle millennial pink, cheerful mint, soothing lilac, retro teal, and pale powder blue.

    If you want something really eye-catching, try color combinations like black and pale pink, yellow and white, and pink and green for your walls and millwork cabinets.

    White kitchen cabinets White kitchen cabinets with gold handles

  • Consistency is Key

    Do you have an open floor plan? If you want to create a flow and create the impression of a bigger space rather than break up your areas, use the same hardware and paints for your cabinets.

  • Display Cabinets

    Your grandma’s gorgeous tea set doesn’t have to be hidden from view! Show off your ornaments and tableware with display cabinets to charm your guests and add interest to your space. The glass will make your kitchen seem larger, too.

  • Floating Cabinets

    This follows a similar principle to floating bookshelves. A floating cabinet will blend into your wall and give your kitchen an ultra-modern, sleek look.

    If you want to go maximalist, try a high gloss and a dramatic color for your cabinets. A glamorous kitchen is something to brag about, after all.

  • Glass Door Cabinets

    Want to add elegance to your kitchen? Go for glass door cabinets. If you want to hide any mess or disorganization inside, pick a glass with a pattern.

  • Chippendale Cabinets

    If historic character is your desire, Chippendale cabinets are the way to go. Chippendale is named after the cabinet-maker Thomas Chippendale, and is a furniture style that became popular in the 18th century. Chippendale actually encompasses three different styles: Gothic, Rococo and Chinese.

  • Organized Cabinets

    The pandemic has brought out everyone’s inner organizer. Line your custom millwork cabinets with dividers so you don’t have to buy a drawer organizer for your cutlery and kitchen tools.

  • Drawer Cabinets

    Think serene, free-flowing design that’s ideal for multitasking. Drawer cabinets can come in a variety of finishes, from textured woods to ceramics to high gloss. Whether you want a modern or old-fashioned look, this style of cabinet is a great overall choice.

    Drawer cabinets will help give your kitchen an open, light look and maximize your space. Your inner minimalist will be pleased. However, this look can be tarnished with clutter, so make sure you keep your kitchen neat!

  • Breakfast Stations

    A breakfast or coffee station is charming while also being utilitarian. Use it to store everything you need in one place, such as jams, biscuits, French presses, and your favorite mugs. Consider bi-fold doors for easy access to the cupboard.


Which custom kitchen cabinet idea are you thinking of using? Let us know in the comments!

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