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3D photo-realistic renderings are crucial for marketing presentations in the home-building industry

May 18, 2016: Gone are the days of the open house. Today, it is all about interactive floor plans and photo-realistic walkthroughs. A sizeable section of the AEC industry depends on 3D renderings and 3D modelling to reach out to their customers. In fact, the virtual world has taken over the real world in a powerful way…

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Launch of millwork and casework packages for contractors in Texas and Dallas area

May 03, 2016: Reports indicate that the sales of new single-family houses in March 2016 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 511,000, according to estimates released jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The National Home Price Index reported by S&P Dow Jones Indices rose at a seasonally adjusted annual growth rate of 5.0% in February, down from 5.8% in January.

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Why should companies outsource architectural CAD design services?

April 26, 2016: A service industry works best under stiff competitive conditions. That’s why, competitive markets offer value for companies who are looking to outsource architectural CAD design services to offshore locations. At present, there are many proficient CAD drafting companies in India which provide a complete range of CAD based design and engineering solutions.

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Boosting the construction process with superior construction detail drawings

March 15, 2016: Residential construction drawings, commonly known as house plans, need to be specific and exhaustive enough for the bidding process. Contractors need an accurate set of construction documents to make the bidding process as competitive as possible. At BluEntCAD, we believe in creating construction drawings that add maximum value to the construction process.

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To outsource or not to outsource?

March 01, 2016: Four out of ten participants of the AEC industry are outsourcing a part or parts of their design development process currently. This upward trend raises a few questions. Are they outsourcing architectural CAD drafting to boost productivity and competitiveness or is it simply another way to cope with a crisis? In the first scenario, both the partners stand to gain in terms of money and time.

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Revamping the construction procurement process with better construction documentation drawings

January 28, 2016: A large section of the AEC industry either does not have the experience or resources to do the task in-house or does not wish to devote in-house resources to construction documentation drawings. Reports indicate that there are considerable cost savings in hiring an external group of professionals instead of hiring, grooming and training them in-house. With knowledge and experience on our side, BluEntCAD can automate, streamline and organize your construction documentation process at a very low cost. BluEntCAD’s advanced studio model gives clients the opportunity to modify, implement, replicate an extension of their in-house studio.

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Rise of prefab offsite construction creates opportunities for millwork industry

January 07, 2016: Prefab offsite construction has emerged as the trend for 2016. The shift to prefab offsite construction may lead to a significant rise in the demand for custom architectural millwork. BluEntCAD has introduced another range of pricing options for millwork services for the Commercial Industry, Institutional Projects, Religious Buildings, Multi-Unit Housing and more.

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BluEntCAD launches its brand new range of high definition 3D rendering services for architecture

December 14, 2015: The 3D rendering division of BluEntCAD has introduced an improved range of architectural visualization services. This includes package deals on 3D architectural rendering, 3D walkthrough services and virtual home tours. This offer includes specialized services for rendering in HD quality (interior and exterior views) for presentations, brochures, banners and posters at competitive prices. Contact us for stunning photo-realistic renderings and 3D visualizations at affordable prices and quick turnaround time.

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BluEntCAD builds capability for its CAD drawing and drafting services

December 03, 2015: BluEntCAD has a team of CAD drafters with a variety of specializations and in-depth knowledge of the respective fields. Our drafters prepare structural designs under the direction of an architect as well as support civil engineers and contractors with technical drawings of bridges, highways, and piping systems. Our drafters also have skills in electrical and mechanical drafting to create designs for machinery and mechanical devices. Our studio model allows 160 hours of access to our pool of resources at an affordable monthly rate of $1799. This gives you the additional choice of drafting hours based on the software requirements, field of expertise etc.

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BluEntCAD strengthens presence in the Australian AEC industry

November 02, 2015: BluEntCAD’s Revit drafting services include Revit Conversion (CAD Drawings to Revit Drawings, Converting DWG into Revit, Revit to AutoCAD for Construction, Converting SketchUp 3D Model to Revit, Converting CAD Details to Revit Details, Converting AutoCAD 2D Lines into Revit Walls) Revit Structural Drafting, Revit MEP Drafting Services at highly customized pricing plans and packages. New features have been added to BluEntCAD’s client interaction interface to make it easier for teams to co-ordinate with one another regularly, make informed decisions, synchronize design, and achieve accuracy in construction documents.

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BluEntCAD Announces 3D Product Modeling Packages for Australian Furniture Manufacturers

October 13, 2015: BluEntCAD can handle all non-core activities, leaving the manufacturer with more time to focus on promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. BluEnt’s 3D modeling services include anticipation of production problems and elimination of errors at the initial stages of the design development process. With a high demand for 3D furniture modelling services, for home and office spaces, we have a range of 3D modelling packages keeping the Australian manufacturer in mind.

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