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16 Nov 2018

Interior Construction Documents: Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors

Attention to details. Where have we heard this phrase before? Well, every construction company swears by it when they create interior construction documents. These set of architectural construction drawings are a catalyst in the decision-making process. 

This blueprint incorporates furniture plans, ceiling plans, elevations etc. Every element of the interiors is exhaustively portrayed. BluEntCAD regards the interior construction documents absolutely vital for any construction project. 

Why is Interior Construction Document important?

Communicating the design concept to the clients is extremely relevant. This is where the construction drawings come in. They help in highlighting the smallest of details in interiors that might seem insignificant but can add immense value to the project. 

BluEntCAD professionals talk about the even texture of the floor or paint that goes on the walls can have a powerful impact. These minute details are incorporated in the construction documents for interiors. Imagine having to tear down the windows or increase the width of the ceiling. You wouldn’t want to shell out a hefty amount for this modification, would you now?

Hence, working drawings and the excruciating details for interiors play a huge role when it comes to the success of any construction project. 

The backstage narration of construction drawings for interiors

So, what really goes behind creating these interior construction documents. Let’s take a look at what all details are added by BluEntCAD professionals in the construction documents. 

Floor Plans: The floor plans, also known as, furniture plans are developed to get a clarity on where the furniture will be placed in the given space. Of course, this is shared with the clients to give them a more ‘visual’ understanding of what the specific room in the home or office will look like. There is one set of document that contains the most technical details such dimensions, notes and symbols. These details ensure that the construction is carried out effectively and with the most minor errors!

Elevations: The construction drawings for elevations incorporate the height of furniture and fixtures. It even gives technical details of the other built-ins. 

Ceiling Plan: A major part of the interiors that defines the height of the room to the placements of core fixtures such as lightings, sprinklers, millwork etc. The placement is extremely important and needs to be in sync with the other components in the space. 

Sections and Details: In an interior construction document, professionals at BluEntCAD sections define the inner workings of a space in ‘sections’ whereas in ‘details’ they provide a more exhaustive explanation of the various components in the room. Imagine the most minute detail in the room – an in-built bookshelf made of marble or tiles maybe? These elements are shown more intricately in interior construction documents to give clarity on the design and patterns used on the specific products.

Schedules: The BluEntCAD designers prepare an exhaustive list of Furniture, Finishes and Equipment (FF&E). It includes the multiple appliances or paints etc. and the schedule developed showcases where exactly these are to be placed, applied or installed. 

Electrical Plans: Any electric wiring that needs to be done in an office or home has to be mentioned in the construction drawings. This is of utmost importance for those involved in the construction project to gain a more deeper understanding of the outlets and light switches that could be used by the electricians. 

Hence, a countless number of plans, elevations and schedules come together and help the design team and architects to create a brilliant set of construction documents for interiors. These set of plans will also incorporate the most technical and minute details such as manufacturer, colour, quantity, cost, dimensions, the placement in the space. It will also include every other information such as performance and safety requirements that is absolutely specific to that product. 


So, this is what the expert designers and the team can deliver. Their aim is to ensure ‘perfect finishes’ no matter what kind of project they handle. The core elements that are given utmost importance is accuracy, quality and time. The interior construction documents take a substantial amount of time to develop. 

This kind of detailing helps in reducing the number of errors when purchasing or installing a specific product. Connect with BluEntCAD to get the best CAD design solutions and a valuable set of interior construction documents. 

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