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13 Apr 2018

Steel Fabrication Drawings And Its Role In Construction Documents

Both the construction and engineering industries extensively use steel fabrication drawings services and shop drawing services.

So, what makes these drawings of utmost importance and vital to construction projects? Explore with BluEntCAD’s Knowledge Series!

So, why does construction industry emphasize on shop drawings so much?

The answer is simple.

  • Engineering fabrication drawings are versatile.

  • They provide a lot of assistance to designers and engineers while creating effective and precise design drawings of proposed structures.

  • Steel detailing fabrication drawings act as perfect supplements to construction documents, by providing contractors with comprehensive diagrams of various components required in a building.

Steel fabrication workshop drawings

Steel shop drawings are pictorial illustrations of various prefabricated components that make a building whole. With the help of these CAD shop drawings, you will be able to visualize and conceptualize proposed content material, components which will be used, dimensions of components including size & shape, assembly and installation of all these components.

Nearly all components of your proposed project use steel in some form or the other, right from millwork to MEP. So, when you decide to go for steel shop drawings services, you need to give your working partner details of all the components that you need drawings for.

The most common requests that BluEntCAD handles for its clients include projects for steel fabrication drawings in AutoCAD for:

  • Millwork and Cabinetry

  • Steel Elevators

  • MEP Units

  • Air handling components

  • Windows & Doors

  • Pre-Cast

  • Appliances

  • Trusses

What is the objective of steel detailing service?

Steel detailing services are requested for acquiring shop drawings that aid in manufacturing steel components and then installing them on the project site.

Before the AEC industry went digital and 3D Modeling, BIM and steel shop drawings in revit took architects by storm; structural engineers drafted shop drawings for components manually. However, with the advent of CAD, it is now possible to design these drawings quickly, more efficient and accurate to a centimeter.

What can I hope to achieve with steel shop drawings?

  • Accuracy

    Steel shop drawings are detailed diagrams of various components that you need in your building. For example, every building or plant needs doors, windows, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Units (MEP), Air-conditioning units and so on. All of these components cannot be designed as per their actuals when construction documents are drafted. With detailed shop drawings, suppliers, manufacturers, builders and contractors get accurate information to fabricate and install steel members and other components correctly.

  • Bifurcation into two subsets for convenient fabrication and installation

    Detailed component drawings comprise of two separate drawing sets. The first is shop drawing detail and the second is erection drawing detail.

    Shop drawings explain details that are required for manufacturing steel components and erection drawings are used to facilitate the installation of these components on the actual construction site.

  • Framing Plan helps in building the foundation for steel components

    A framing plan generally accompanies detailed drawings.

    So what’s in the framing plan? It conveys information pertaining to the number of beams and columns required for framing the structure of steel components. This information is vital because it helps ascertain angles, holes for drilling, plate positioning and length besides a horde of other useful stuff.

  • Fabrication drawing standards are ensured

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you did not believe this till now, start doing so. Every single person who has ever worked on a construction project will tell you this, industry standards are damn essential to adhere to.

    Which is okay because you don’t want your building to collapse or your electrical components to fail during installation, do you? This is why drawing standards are most important to keep in mind while shop drawing drafting. And when your shop drawings adhere to industry standards, there is very less room for errors while actually manufacturing and installing these components.

What are the different kinds of services I can get for my next building project?

Various different services can be availed for individual building components. When it comes to expedient shop drawing service provider, you may want to get in touch with experienced CAD drafting company such as BluEntCAD. Over 2 decades of hands-on experience with bigshots like Beazer Homes and Stonewood Homes has made us experts in providing:

It is always recommended to ask for a free consultation before you decide to hand-over your project details to drafters.

In our case, we’d be happy to help you over mail and call. We love meeting new people, so it would be totally awesome if you drop by our office sometime.

With our shop drawing sets, you would be able to prepare:

  • Steel Erection drawings

  • Steel member drawings such as those of bracing beams and columns

  • Detailed architectural drawings of steel trusses and drawings of connecting members

  • Detailed anchor setting plan

In short, steel shop drawings contribute to construction documents substantially.

  • They provide detailed data about various steel members, prefabricated components, pieces and parts that are going to be used during installation. Minute details such as dimensions, material type, installation process, holes positioning, and member’s connection details are what make steel shop drawings so vital to construction projects.

  • You understand fabrication details in a better fashion with shop drawings.

  • Right shop drawings will save the additional costs of rework, budget, time and resources.

  • The right shop drawings will comply with industry building standards. This will lead to safer structures with reduced risk of calamity and collapse.

So, who creates shop drawings?

Steel fabrication drawings are generally performed by steel detailers, fabricators, designers, structural engineers, architects and shop drawing experts such as BluEntCAD.

What do you use to create steel shop drawings?

Like we mentioned, shop drawings were earlier created manually. Today, there are several software which are available for creating detailed steel fabrication drawings.

Some of these are:

  1. AutoCAD

  2. Revit

  3. Tekla

  4. ArchiCAD

With shop drawing software, it is less likely for any human error such as inaccurate measurements and mistakes due to parallax to occur. Because of this, you can ensure a strong building structure, reduce rework costs and think of better ways to invest your human resources.

With over 200 construction drawing projects in spanning two decades, we’ve observed that shop drawing outsourcing is highly recommended. Whether projects are small budget or large scale, if you outsource fabrication drawings services, you end up saving both time and money. ¬†BluEntCAD’s expert drafters, designers and consultants are ready to be at your service with their high precision drawings, quick turnaround, affordable rates and 24×7 availability.

Like what we do? Drop us a line or dial our helpline or simply drop by our office to say hello!

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