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08 Feb 2018

The Importance of Building Permits: Why Do You Need One?

Taking a building permit plays a crucial role in construction. Have you ever given a thought about this?

What are building permits and its importance?

Acquiring building permit is perceived to be one of the most significant steps in any kind of a construction project. It ensures that clients protect the outcome and the ‘high’ investment value of the building project. There are endless benefits to getting the building permit. It confirms that the construction building codes are being followed and met during construction and your project will be developed in the right manner, adhering to safety rules and have a long standing. The building design documentation or architectural plans and permits at the end of the day is a ‘legal’ permission to go ahead with the construction. This go ahead is given after the construction or permit plans ,which includes drawings and specifications, are approved. Permit forms an integral part of the construction process as without it the investment value of the property goes really low. If the homeowners/property owners want to sell their space and the permit was not taken during the construction – they have to pay a heavy some for repairs or not sell it at all. The sign off on permit blueprint means that the structure is safe to occupy. All in all, the building permit is significantly important as it lays out the critical rules and regulations that must be followed by everyone involved in the construction or renovation process – homebuilders, contractors, plumbers, and electrician.

Structural or non-structural? – it matters

Permits are not needed for non-structural projects – so if a homeowner wants to repair their storage room cabinets or get their bedrooms painted – we wont need any permit for the same. However if there is any important change in the aesthetic of the structure, permit will be required. The structural changes can include addition of another room or a balcony, changing windows or doors in the house or incorporating a fence around the house.

Documents submitted for Permit

This includes:

  • The permit fee (varies by permit)

  • The filled-in application form

  • The construction plan

The construction or permit plan: the core document

This is a platform to actually show the ‘scope of the construction project’. This is what needs to get approved to even get a go ahead on the project. This drawing needs to include every detail and specifications that are strictly based on the building codes. When the drawing for a floor plan is being done – every room, along with the number of doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances and closets, and their sizes have to be mentioned. Even the location of smoke and carbon dioxide detectors needs to be shown. Thus, when it comes to the new structure, the contractors and the architects need to provide the foundation plan which needs to incorporate an overhead view that shows slabs, footings and the strength of the concrete that will be used. In case of a renovation project, they will need to create a section drawing to show a side view that enables the permit office to see how these these elements will be constructed. For example, the contractors/sub contractors will need to provide the location of rafters, insulation, new wall studs and roofing. They will even need to work on the elevation drawings if there is any kind of modification to be done in the exterior of the property. They will need to provide specifications for elements such as chimneys, new windows etc. The permit blueprint hence is a complete set of documents that is extremely significant and is to be used during the construction work. It includes an exhaustive amount of specifications that incorporates technical drawings, instructions on maintenance and other relevant documents (explanatory diagrams, tables and charts for drawings, expert opinions and survey reports and other documents). The technical specification that is a major part of the permit plan is submitted to the government for a written approval and only once its given the authorization for use can the project start.

BluEntCAD has gained immense experience in developing permit plans for both commercial and residential properties, that very strictly follow and meet the building code requirements. It ensures that the property and structure is free of any potential destruction of unsafe construction. Whether you are looking at renovating or building a new space, connect with us to obtain the building permit.

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