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05 Oct 2022

The Latest Furniture Trends for Furniture Design and Manufacturing Companies

Since 2020, many homes and residential complexes have received more attention and care than ever before.

The pandemic rewired our lives for the better part of three years, and furniture trends and other interior trends followed suit. Many people spent a lot of time figuring out once and for all what looks good and is practical in their homes.

Now that we are venturing out of our homes once more, furniture trends are again changing. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what’s in store for at least the next few months – if not a staple in people’s lives for several years.

Introduction to Furniture Trends

But why even bother knowing furniture trends?

If you’re a furniture designer or furniture manufacturer, knowing what’s trending or what’s on the cusp of trending can help streamline your operations and burst your sales. It’s another part of running a successful furniture business, such as using accurate millwork drafting, which can help reduce costs.

Note that trends in furniture design do not change as fast as compared to shoe and fashion trends. Instead, they change more steadily, driven by large markets such as Walmart, Bed Bath and IKEA.

While the pandemic contributed to many of the trends we have seen in the past two years, other factors have also played a role, such as the shift towards sustainability and green architecture.

Top Furniture Trends Your Business Should Pay Attention To

1. Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture has been trending for some time now, but many people developed a stronger liking for it during the pandemic. This is because multifunctional furniture is the cornerstone of the now-popular home office.

  • In Europe, the current trend is of easy-to-maintain and foldable furniture. This trend is also starting to penetrate the US market and a few Asian markets.

  • Multifunctional furniture is especially useful not just to those who work from home, but those who tend to move often or have smaller apartments or homes.

  • A few ideas you can consider are: extendable tables, sofa-cum-beds, beds that turn into tables, and TV panels that can be transformed into work spaces.

If you are interested in starting a new line of multifunctional furniture, we highly recommend furniture rending, especially through SolidWorks modeling if you are a millwork manufacturer or woodwork manufacturer. Product modeling can help you attract many more customers if you use it on your eCommerce website.

2. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Many people have started to make the most of their green or outdoor spaces since the pandemic. There has been an uptick in homeowners investing more into outdoor living.

  • We will see trends such as firepits, outdoor dining and seating areas, pools and outdoor kitchens. This is because the home has become – and likely will remain – a significant part of quality family time and entertainment.

  • In more temperate climates, many indoor spaces extend out into patios, hence increasing the square footage of the entertainment and dining areas.

  • Think sliding doors that span the width of a wall, bi-folding doors, and so on. These will help customers merge their indoor-outdoor spaces.

  • For climates with four seasons, large windows will be preferred by many people.

3. Curved Furniture Silhouettes

Mid-century modern design and its sharp lines are unlikely to ever fully go out of style. However, we are seeing a trend of softer furniture silhouettes, with curved shapes.

  • Marrying form and function will be the general rule. Striking, fun or cool pieces should also be comfortable and practical. Hence, spaces will be more memorable and interesting.

  • Soft curves on furniture make spaces feel safer and cosier – two things that many if not most people want their homes to be.

  • Curved silhouettes also lend themselves well to bold colors and designs.

4. Matte Metals

Kitchen and bath manufacturers and designers will want to pay some attention to this one. Think more matte and less shine for fixtures, in finishes such as pewter, stainless steel, and nickel.

For touchless faucets or motion control faucets, which are growing in popularity, the popular finishes will be stainless stell or brushed or matte black.

5. Biophilic Design

Customers have developed a newfound or reinforced love of plants and nature-based designs in the past few years. This goes especially for people who cannot go out often or live in big cities without much access to green spaces.

Since not everyone has the time or inclination to care for indoor plants or a garden, biophilic furniture design works well. This is one trend that will likely continue for a long time, if not forever.

  • Biophilic design creates a calming, soothing, and refreshing space that mimics the effects of being outdoors. Everything from living room trends to kitchen cabinet trends will be affected by the shift towards biophilia.

  • It’s not limited to residential buildings. More companies are adding biophilic design to offices to help employees feel closer to nature, happier, and calmer.

6. Closed Floor Plans

Like other design elements we have mentioned in this article, open floor plans are unlikely to become fully obsolete. People will always want airy, “open” spaces.

However, customers have started to become more conscious of the merits of closed floor plans. Homes, now more than ever with the rise of home offices, require privacy and hygiene.

  • Consider tailoring your furniture designs for nooks and niches that feel cosy and private.

  • Closed floor plans also allow for more creativity and “contained” designs, while open floor plans rely more heavily on repetition and neutrals so as not to overwhelm people.


What do you think? Are there some trends you think will be popular? Let us know in the comments!

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