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covid-19 SPECIAL

 The novel coronavirus has upended the way we live and will likely result in drastic and permanent changes in our society. 


In these uncertain times, BluEnt is extending a helping hand with large discounts (particularly for the healthcare industry), donations to charities, FAQs on keeping your business engine running in the midst of this pandemic, and links to sites that will help you occupy your time.


Rarely has the world been so unified against a common adversary. Many people want to pitch in and help in whatever ways they can. To ease the burden on vulnerable groups, you can donate to these charities:


The coronavirus pandemic has rendered our traditional performance-measuring metrics largely irrelevant.

A solution to this, according to McKinsey & Company, is to practice these 5 steps:

Amid the chaos, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. We suggest the following:

  • Plan for the next phase – The world might not go back to what it was before. After experiencing this new way of living, customers are recalibrating their spending patterns. Things that mattered and brought joy earlier might not even make their top 5 now. The sooner you decode this across your business segment, the sooner you’ll be able to develop a strategy to navigate it.
  • Support your employees – Companies need to increase communication (especially from the top management), balance the needs of the business with the expectations of the employees, and build collective morale.
  • Making work from home the new normal – It’s time that remote working stops getting shunned as non-productive and taboo, especially during these challenging times. Measures such as amended sick-leave policies, interactive communication systems, and providing skill training for employees who are struggling to cope with remote working will be a welcome change.

Footfall has steeply declined in local stores as more and more customers have chosen to stay at home and self-quarantine. It is natural to worry that the impact of the pandemic on buying patterns will be deep and long-lasting.

We’ve compiled some tips to keep your customers engaged – from a distance, of course.

  • Communicate proactively – Customers will empathize with merchants who are struggling, as long as it’s conveyed properly. Keep your customers in the loop if you’re changing the operational hours, or the steps that you’re taking to create a transmission-free zone for them. If you’re temporarily shutting down, notify your customers through mails and social media.
  • Offer gift cards – Gift cards provide an immediate infusion of cash. They also ensure that a customer returns to your business. Use e-gift cards or partner with third-party vendors like Uber Eats to offer gift cards to your customers.
  • Use discounts to your advantage – Now is a good time to entice buyers with long-term purchases. Offer semi-annual subscriptions or yearly memberships at discounted rates. Businesses such as industry publications, design and modeling studios that deliver online classes can especially benefit from this.

COVID-19’s impact on the AEC industry is still not entirely clear. Markets are fluctuating, architects and modelers are working from home, and several construction sites have closed. Commercial real estate could be upended. Short-term credit issues are bound to occur.

The New Department of Homeland Security, however, has clarified the role construction plays in essential infrastructure.

As of 27th March, across much of the country employees are working from home, but tradespeople are still coming to sites; this, however, is changing.

There are some who opine that, after the shock has subsided, many people will want to live in a house – this is something to keep your eyes on. There is also a possibility of a decline for demand for office spaces in the future.

Lastly, if the government decides to put the US into ‘lockdown’, more closures and delays will occur.

  • Make offers that save your customers money

    Money is tight these days for most people. With this tactic, your customers are less likely to dispense with your services.

  • Excellent copy is the way forward

    A lot more people are going to remain online over the next few weeks, constantly checking updates about the virus and the economy. Engaging copywriting is one of your best bets when it comes to a competitive advantage.

  • Create products – even if you are service-based

    Making money while you sleep is what products are for. From e-books to online courses, products can come in varying forms.

  • Set in place an automated lead machine

    Right now, many businesses are scrambling to sell as much as they used to. Without automation, you will be swimming against the tide.

  • Give your audience a reason to stay

    Offering discounts and incentives will help draw in new customers and pique the interest of old ones.

  • Ensure proper liquidity

    Ask yourself these questions: Can you weather a few more poor quarters? Do you have a contingency plan? Plan accordingly.

  • Protect your employees

    After the dust settles, your employees will remember who was on their side. Protect them. Ask them how they are. Remain up to date on changing laws so you can be well informed about how to take care of them.

  • Organize your workspace

    Work in a room, alone, behind a closed door. Use the correct furniture. Sitting at your desk is a better option than getting a backache triggered by working on the bed. Keep your space neat and organized and ensure that you have a wall that suits a video call.

  • Communication is key

    Communicate efficiently with your manager. Come up with a plan that makes clear expectations of updates and conveying changes to one another. Do the same with anyone you usually with collaboratively with during the day.

  • Don’t get sucked into a vortex of news

    Checking updates on COVID-19 is a natural urge for most people right now. While it is good to stay informed, it may be better to set a slot for news – for instance, after you have finished work, or during lunchtime.

  • Socialization is still important

    Think about it: a lot of your social interactions occur at the office. When everyone abruptly jumps on the WFH bandwagon, they are suddenly left without as much socialization. Combat this by talking with your coworkers or friends over video chat. Seeing friendly faces helps!

And considering you’re here, you might also be wondering: Along this rocky road, how do I get the finest CAD and IT services at the best prices? Lucky for you, BluEnt’s talented and enthusiastic team is just a click away.


In an age rife with fake news, it is vital that you are informed by only trusted sources. Whatsapp forwards without such sources should be treated as memes at best and harmful misinformation at worst.

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We all know it, and never has it been more prevalent than in the wake of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns. It can be a mere annoyance, but in the context of a global pandemic can spell adverse effects for mental health.

Here are some ways you can keep the quarantine blues at bay.


When was the last time you kicked back with a nice book and a coffee? Now's your chance.


Whether it's for chilling alone or an online party, you can't do without music.

Theater & Opera

Feeling fancy? Crack open your favorite drink and enjoy a night at the theater or opera.


Whether you're embracing your inner child or trying to keep the kids busy, you can look to these online games.


Remember when you gushed about visiting all those fabulous museums – and then got busy?
Fulfil that old dream now.


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Your health and safety matter to us.

In the context of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, BluEnt is offering large discounts on mobile apps, millwork drafting, construction drawings, and 3D services for small to large businesses.


BluEnt has created CAD drawings, smart models and shop drawings for constructing labs, clinics, hospitals, and disaster recovery centers across the US & Canada, and continues to support these for urgent space reorganization or change of building use in these times.


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