Common Terms in Architectural Outsourcing

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool that captures the geometry of walls, foundations, frames, roofs, and window systems of a building. It is a process of generating and maintaining data.

A typical BIM uses 3D software to increase productivity in design and in construction. BluEntCAD offers and outsources BIM construction documentations services.

BIM Outsourcing

One area where architectural outsourcing services can be exploited is in preparing construction documents. While the parent company deals with clients and prepares the schematic designs, draftings and conversions can be sent to the CAD outsourcing partner, located offshore.

BluEntCAD’s BIM outsourcing ensures that quality is standardized and that risks, conflicts, and errors are removed.

BIM Modeling

With 3D, BIM can show the processes of construction and facility operation much before a project is executed. The reduction in time it takes to deliver facilities generates savings. It forecasts building performances and can hence cut down waste and the demand for resources.

Revit Conversion

Revit simplifies coordination and collaboration by integrating information into a single software. BluEntCAD is an expert in providing Revit services.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

At the core of architectural services lie AutoCAD services. BluEntCAD offers a full range of CAD drafting and conversion services including paper to CAD conversion, CAD drafting, 2D AutoCAD drawing, designing, 3D CAD modeling and rendering services, AutoCAD conversions, Revit drafting and conversion,3D animations, and 3D architectural walkthroughs.

CAD Outsourcing

CAD outsourcing services can be of immense importance because your outsourcing services partner can work on your design while you are out of office. BluEntCAD provides project-based and long-term CADs.

Construction Documentation Outsourcing

Construction documents are created to convey the design and specifications of a project to contractors, design professionals, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers. These sets include detailed working drawings (known as blueprints) which the contractors, builders and suppliers use to determine the project cost.

Architectural Knowledge Process Outsourcing

The Indian Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry is witnessing unprecedented growth. This growth has been so large that economic recession has not affected most firms.

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