Jittery Economy Finds Solution in Outsourcing BIM

US President, Barack Obama declared Infrastructure as key investment for long term economic growth of the country. The growing population and industrialization around the world has given a boost to the infrastructure industry like never before. Old buildings are being renovated and new infrastructure projects are being laid everyday around the globe. This rapid growth in the industry has added pressure on the Infrastructure firms for development and adoption of new technologies.

The first step of concreting any infrastructure plan is the architectural idea. Technical drawings from decades have been evolving to make things simpler for all, the architect, the contractor, engineer and the owner. From paper drawings to 2D Computer-aided drawings and now Building Information Modeling, construction drawings has gone through a technological revolution today. BIM, in particular has taken the industry by a storm with its easy to use tools and accurate analysis models.

Unfortunately though, the shaky economy has affected the spread of BIM. Small and medium sized enterprises find it difficult to make heavy investments in the ever changing technology. These companies are still stuck to CAD and have been hesitant to convert to BIM because of the said reasons. Though, those who converted their CADs to Revits, saw the remarkable difference between a 2D model and a 3D model.

Immediate Benefits of BIM

BIM provides more benefits than the investment put into it.

  • BIM calculates and suggests quality and quantity of building components suitable for the design, making a manufacturer’s sail smooth.
  • BIM makes the life of an architect simpler by calculating the light and energy consumption and advice ways to balance it. This is extremely helpful in designing Green Buildings.
  • BIM gives the owner a thorough tour of the project from its initialization to its demolition.
  • Contractors can foresee the various results of the many possibilities that BIM allows you to read.

BluEntCAD BIM Support Services

Small and medium sized companies mostly find it hard to enjoy the benefits and ease of a BIM model. But with the growing demand and the growing popularity of conversions to BIM has opened a new possibility for Small and Medium sized businesses as well – Outsourcing. Several firms have benefited from these growing outsourcing agencies that are capable of carrying forward your project efficiently. BluEntCAD is one such Texas based company that works out of US, Middle East and India, providing its clients worthy construction documentation services.

  • BluEnt offers and outsources BIM construction documentations services for your architectural projects.
  • Building Information Modeling – 3D Rendering, Implementation and Consultation.
  • Migration and Conversion of 2D models to 3D models – AutoCAD to Revit, Chief Architect, CAD to BIM migration.

BluEntCAD is your one-stop-shop for all CAD Conversion and architectural drafting needs. You just have to put forth your requirements and we’ll provide you the solution you are looking for. From tracing jobs to intuitive conversions BluEntCAD’s experienced team has served many leading companies in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Where most outsourcing firms are providing only AutoCAD conversions, BluEnt takes a step forward to make your projects better and faster by adopting BIM. It values your time and money and is known to provide only quality drafting solutions. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and delivers acute accuracy and innovative solutions, which sets them apart from other architectural drafting firms in the United States.


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