Revamping the construction procurement process with better construction documentation drawings.

Texas, January 28, 2016 : Construction procurement services are becomingly increasingly complex with the rise of alternative delivery methods such as construction management and design-build. There has been a noticeable increase in construction claims and litigation.

Construction documentation, both drawings and specifications, are an integral part of the construction procurement process. A set of construction documents is essential for the solicitation of construction bids. As a result, construction procurement services require a range of knowledge and skills, such as practical experience of managing building design and construction and managing procurement processes. However, it is most important to have the ability to understand the design intent expressed in construction drawings and specifications.

The industry is faced with the challenge of maintaining the quality of construction and complying with regulatory requirements while maintaining cost control. Maintaining control over quality in construction drawing details for floor plans, enlarged plans, wall sections, ceiling plans, etc. is difficult and costly.

It has been noted that a larger section of the AEC industry either do not have the experience or resources to do the task in-house or do not wish to devote in-house resources to the task. Until recently, architects were consulted regarding the best delivery method for a project to minimize risk and cost. However, with the emergence of well-qualified contractors, the role of architects in the construction procurement process has been reduced greatly.

For the contractors to have a smooth construction administration process, it is essential to have good quality construction documentation. Reports indicate that there has been a sizeable share of the market which outsources construction documentation on a regular basis. There are considerable cost savings in hiring an external group of professionals instead of hiring, grooming and training them in-house.

There are a number of architectural construction documentation service providers in the market globally. Since quality is a top priority, it is important to check the provider’s certifications and accreditations beforehand.

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