Quality Assurance Process

BluEntCAD Services assures the highest degree of quality and accuracy for each CAD file. Files are checked and re-checked to make sure that all standards are followed and that the document was drafted/converted accurately.

Three Level Quality Assurance Check

BluEnt CAD Services performs three levels of Quality Assurance (QA) for each converted CAD file. If errors are detected at any level, the file is returned to the original CAD operator for corrections. Once corrections have been made, the file re-enters the Level 1 – Level 3 QA process again. Upon successfully passing each level of QA, the converted CAD file is provided to the client. The information below outlines the BluEnt CAD Services QA procedures:

Note: An Architect may be involved himself in the Level-1-QA Stage if the drawing is of greater complexity such as detail or building service drawings.


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