3D Visualization Support: Adding Life to an Architect’s Vision

Google “Freedom Tower” and you’ll get well over one hundred thousand image hits — many of them photorealistic images of a building that hasn’t been built. This is testimony to the power of today’s design visualization applications and their ability to explore, validate, and convey architectural design concepts,” observes Rick Rundell, AIA. 3D visualization has emerged as an effective tool to preview and effectively communicate building designs among design professionals, builders, and technicians. BluEnt’s photo realistic architectural visualization integrates all building textures and dimensions, to virtually generate a 3D construction visualization explaining how the building would look like. BluEnt uses Revit BIM technology to deliver stunning photo-realistic renderings and 3D visualization images at affordable prices and quick turnaround time. We can render high resolution interior and exterior views for presentations, brochures, banners and posters at affordable prices. The rendering functionality in Revit Architecture enables architects and designers a better perspective of their design process, and ultimately helps them to make their design decisions. Revit Architecture has the built-in rendering capabilities that allows architects and designers to customize their own design process.

Advantages of Revit-generated 3D Visualization Support Services

BluEnt outsources unmatched 3D visualization support to global clientele. Expert in Revit Architecture, BluEnt’s designers and technicians deliver 3D architectural rendering and visualization services. BluEnt’s 3D services help visualize complex geometrical designs, interiors, spacing and construction sequences much before its construction and helps designers, contractors and engineers perform design conflict and clash analysis. Revit BIM supported 3D visualization has few advantages; the most significant being time and cost feasibility. The ease with which a Revit building information model can be transferred to 3D software without loss in integrity and quality is beneficial and reduces cost and time required
Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Rendering to Us: Pool of licensed architects, superior aesthetic capabilities, technical skills and attention to detail gives our clients an edge above their competitors:

  • Your sketches are rendered by experienced and highly skilled professionals
  • Choice of technology platforms. We render using the latest rendering software
  • Quick turnaround time, affordable cost and high quality
  • Custom pricing options – fixed cost or T&M model
  • Your customers and investors perceive and visualize your buildings as real
  • You save hardware and software investment
  • ‘Maximum Value. Achieved.’ We promise value return to our clients

We can render high resolution interior and exterior views for presentations, brochures, banners and poster. If you are looking for more information regarding our 3D Rendering and BIM Modeling services, please contact us!


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About 3D Visualization Support: Adding Life to an Architect’s Vision

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