Architectural Collaboration: Improving Business Performance

Considering today’s fiercely competitive market, Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Real Estate companies around the world are actively seeking solutions that would facilitate better resource utilization, Work sharing and collaborating is the best way to maximize return-on-investment without compromising quality and cost. Here are the few reasons why you should collaborate with an architectural drafting studio like BluEnt.

BluEntCAD Approach:

Volume Surge
It is quite usual that you face sudden surges in work volumes and your internal staff is overburdened.

Resource Attrition
Today’s world works on many parallel platforms which cause resources and employees to migrate regularly. Staff attrition is what you have no control over. This surely affects your company’s day-to-day productivity.

Work Imbalance
Do you at the time realize that your crucial design staff is wastefully engaged in the time-consuming drafting and drawing process? Well, this is one situation that really slows up your growth prospects in the long run.

Expensive Staffing
We understand that recruiting, training and re-training resources require significant time and sustained investment. But, you would, of course, wish to have a larger team, isn’t it? Architecture work sharing helps to scale up your capacity to implement more projects without any extra investment.

Limited to an Island
It has been your long-standing dream to see your enterprise crossing the native seas and having a trans-continental foot-print. But, dreams apart, it is a crucial need of the hour to manage your economy of scale in order to stay healthy in a globalized economy.

Advantages of Architectural Collaboration:

  • Monthly Fees and No Hidden-cost: BluEnt bears all the associated costs of infrastructure, training and appraisals, etc.
  • Improved Efficiency: Efficiency improves exponentially as the same resource(s) execute projects faster under your supervision.
  • Handling More Projects: Volume surges are efficiently handled through our ramp-up capabilities.

Worksharing Process Advantages

  • Knowledge Retention: Knowledge sharing with the organization as a back-up strategy.
  • No Hire, No Fire: Implementation of HR policy and being free from hiring and staffing processes.
  • Large Battalion at Your Hand: Increase your team and gain a foothold overseas and replicate your business ethics and objectives.
  • Focused Business: Better concentration on the strategic component of your business.
  • Cost Minimization: Considerable reduction in capital expenditure, overheads and other recurring expenses.

For more information about architectural collaboration and to get details about our Studio Model, please contact us.


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About Architectural Collaboration: Improving Business Performance

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