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BluEntCAD has decades of professional experience in cost-effective CAD outsourcing solutions. We have worked on all types of drafting, detailing, drawings, design and modelling services using the latest version of AutoCAD, Revit software.

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Cad Submittal Drawing

CAD submittals include any drawings that are sent to architects or engineers for approval on a project. Since they are necessary for verification of the correct products and quantities as shown on the plans, accuracy, precision, and clarity are of the up most importance. Choosing the right supplier makes a drastic difference in time and cost savings, which is why BluEnt puts quality first in our AutoCAD submittal services. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Cad Submittal Drawing ServicesE-mail:
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What We Provide
From shop drawings to product data, BluEnt provides the complete spectrum of CAD submittal drawings. Our team of drafters create 2D AutoCAD Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details, and more for submittal to the architect and engineer.

At BluEntCAD, our team works with you to create the most suitable engagement model for work-share processes. To begin, our Project Manager, Team Leader and Sr. Draftsperson analyze the project scope and allocate tasks to draftspersons and work out the turnaround time for each individual.

Depending upon the volume of drafting that the project requires, you can then take advantage of BluEntCAD’s Internal Process of Resource Deployment to add to your in-house draftsmen. Our convergence facilities include regular video and desktop conferencing between the teams. This way, you can contact us through the design development phase to go over mark ups, redlines, etc. as and when the need arises.

Once the permitting submittals are complete, we take any corrections made by the architect and engineer and revise the CAD drawings accordingly in a time-efficient manner for final approval.

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Construction Documentation


Construction Documentation


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