Millwork Engineering

Millwork engineering can help optimize the manufacturing process if it is done correctly. It is important to model the assembly parts using 3D software like SolidWorks. BluEntCAD has the capability to model custom millwork and casework items with precision as part of the pre-engineering process. Once the item has been created, further modifications can be made to it like adding dowel holes. A bill of material and cutlist can be generated automatically by the software. The cutlist contains a linewise description of each component including key dimensions. Each line can be dynamically linked to a specific component.

As the development moves into final engineering, the model can be prepared for CNC configuration. Nesting is typically done as part of the process and involves efficiently laying out components over a wooden sheet such as plywood. BluEntCAD helps millwork companies by providing long-term resources that aid in the engineering process. These resources can also be stationed at client offices and sites at the start of the project or agreement.

BE Parametric

The ability of a model to change shape and design by altering numerical values is becoming the norm in the 3d modeling industry. It can be done in Revit or in SolidWorks. The big advantage is, of course, avoiding duplication while creating similar models. Contact BluEntCAD to find out how to create parametric models and libraries. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Millwork EngineeringE-mail:
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Maximum Value. Achieved.

Assigning senior engineers with woodworking experience is one of the value-adds that BluEntCAD provides. This combination is indeed difficult to find but we have mastered the search. All of our specialist engineers are hired through an intense recruiting process that involves hands-on testing. They are then trained on existing projects for the first few days before they can go live on new assignments. BluEntCAD has gained an edge over its competitors to excel in millwork engineering. Reach out to BluEntCAD to hire your specialist millwork engineer.

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