Revit Modeling and Drafting Services

Many firms choose not to use Revit drafting because of the transition process, but ultimately this choice can do more harm than good in the long run. With Revit software, you can increase your designer’s capacity by tenfold and benefit from a higher level of project scalability through effective data storage and standardization. Transitioning to Revit has been proven to:

  • Optimize cost and quality
  • Minimize waste
  • Increase public confidence in stewardship
  • Enable 3D visualization
  • Improve coordination and collaboration
  • Create parametric families

Furthermore, BluEntCAD ensures that our clients enjoy a smooth transition to Revit drafting and Revit 3D modeling when they choose to outsource with us.

What We Provide

The BluEntCAD Studio guarantees that you get the maximum value during your transition process and best of Revit services outsourcing with us. We provide architects, builders and contractors with a complete range of Revit, BIM Models and CAD drafting drawing services as per the quality standards for projects accepted globally.

At the BluEntCAD studio, our team works with you to create the most suitable engagement model for work-share processes. To begin, our Project Manager, Architects and BIM Modelers analyze the project scope and allocate tasks to team and work out the turnaround time for each individual.

Depending upon the volume of drafting that the project requires, you can then take advantage of BluEntCAD’s Internal Process of Resource Deployment to add to your in-house draftsmen. As required, we engage our in-house BIM consultants while working on SDs and DD sets to identify potential spatial conflicts.

Our Modelers also incorporate client feedback throughout all the stages of the documentation process to create the final product. Our convergence facilities include regular video and desktop conferencing between the teams. This way, you can contact us during the Project Cycle to go over mark ups, redlines, etc. as and when the need arises.

The BluEnt Advantage

BluEntCAD has decades of professional experience in cost-effective CAD outsourcing solutions. We have worked on all types of design drawings, detailing, modeling and drafting services using the latest version of AutoCAD, Revit and Vectorworks software. We employ the top skilled CAD drafters and BIM Modelers across the globe for architects, designers, developers, facility management companies, interior designers and fit out manufacturers to manage their drafting and 3D Rendering needs.

If you are seeking architectural drafting services or construction documentation services, please fill our Request for Services form.

Revit Modeling Drafting Services


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About Revit Modeling and Drafting Services

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