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Securing quality shop drawings is key to avoiding drastic changes and expensive lawsuits in the project down the line. Finding the right supplier can streamline and accelerate the review process tenfold, ensuring that the architects and engineers along with the contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers all have a comprehensive understanding of the design.

At BluEntCAD, we create state-of-the-art shop drawings for a variety of building construction products. We guarantee quality through international standards of accuracy and precision to give our clients a rich understanding of how a building will perform in the earliest phases of design. This not only leads to optimal construction techniques but also improved project duration through the cost-effective allocation of time and resources. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Shop Drawing ServicesE-mail:
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What We Provide

BluEntCAD’s specializations include:

CAD Shop Drawings

Millwork Services

Not only do our error-free drawings result in quick approval time, they also expertly avoid design conflict in later stages of construction, which is one of the leading concerns of AEC firms today. To learn more about BluEnt’s BIM services (including Assessment of Design Information and Conflict Detection), click here.

The BluEnt Advantage

BluEntCAD is an expert in providing CAD drafting and designing. Here are a few of the advantages of outsourcing shop drawings services with BluEnt:

  • Time Bound Delivery: We deliver shop drawing services within the shortest possible period of time using the BluEnt Global Delivery Model.
  • Usage of Advanced Technology: All shop drawings are produced using the latest software and technology.
  • Standard Output: We provide unmatched quality that exceeds in-house drawing standards. We go beyond the professional standard of care and quality.
  • The vast field of Experience: We have extensive experience with working with numerous large clients in the AEC industry

Send us a message with a set of your architectural drawings, and we will provide you with a set of professionally drafted shop drawings so you can see the quality of our standards for yourself.


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