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Details | Specifications

Rendering Type
Standard, Photorealistic & Artistic
View Type
Day & evening view (Image with Comparison)


3200×3200 pixels & above (tbc)

Lower resolution available for websites

Output Format:

TIFF, JPEG or any image format

Landscape Style:

Desert, regular & coastal

Rendering Engine:

Arnold, Iray & V-Ray

Post- Production Software:


Includes two rounds
Turnaround Time

Exterior: 2–3 days | Interior: 4–5 days

We have the capacity to produce 100 renderings per week if a retainer is set up


How does the process work?

You submit CAD files and color/material scheme along with your preferred landscaping style for exterior views. You also submit interior elevations and furniture layout for interior views. We create renderings based on the camera angle you choose.

Do you also provide additional services?

We can provide 360 views and walkthrough or animations. We can also provide 2D and 3D floor plans.

What input files do you accept?

AutoCAD or Revit. PDF is acceptable, but this may affect the pricing.

Can you create renderings from sketches or images?

It is possible, but our efforts and price will increase.

Can you insert actual site images and backgrounds into the rendering?

Yes, if the site images are clear and free of any obstructions.

Do you provide draft renderings/white renders?

Yes, draft renderings are provided.

Photorealistic rendering

Highly realistic artificial image
High-resolution textures
Realistic lighting effects
Detailed shadows
3D image with colors and textures

If the rendering parameters are set to match those existing in reality, then the texture quality and final rendering can be considered “photorealistic”.

Standard Rendering

Modeling is the same, but textures, colors and lighting are standard.
Same artistic depiction, but partially dismissed photorealism.
Real-time lighting, sciography (shadows), super-high-resolution textures and colors are not used.
Overall production time is reduced due to use of standard textures, colors and lighting, thus has quick turnaround time without compromising visual representations.

What is the mode of communication?

Emails and regular calls, also use of communication software like Microsoft Teams.

What platform do you use for file sharing?

Primarily Dropbox.

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