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Any level of detail can be modeled as part of our Scan to BIM service:

Level of Development (LOD)
LOD 200

Schematic design

LOD 300
Design development
LOD 350

Construction documentation

LOD 400

Fabrication and assembly

LOD 500


In-place and parametric families

Output Format



Revit and Autodesk Recap

Redlines included

Two rounds


How does the process work?

We import our point cloud files into Autodesk Recap to review and analyze the files. The point cloud files are then imported into Revit to adjust the coordinates and orientations. We usually coordinate with our clients at this stage. After that we initiate the 3d modeling process. After internal review and quality check, we submit the draft and then the final submission.

Do you also provide additional services?

Yes, as-builts and construction documentation.

What input files do you accept?

.rcp, .rcs, .obj

Do you provide a draft model?

Yes, we can.

What version of Revit do you use?

2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

What is your turnaround time?

Depends on the scale of the project.

Do you use Revit families, or do you model in place?

We do both as required.

What is the mode of communication?

Emails and regular calls, also use of communication software like Microsoft Teams.

What platform do you use for file sharing?

We primarily use Dropbox.

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