29 Aug 2019

Top Wearables to Keep an Eye On

The use of wearable technology is exploding in popularity across construction sites. Step into the future and take your construction project to the next level with these wearables:

05 Aug 2019

Robots are Real

An aged population stares the industry in the eye. Does one deliberate or act?

03 Jul 2019

The Techie Way or Not? Conserving Heritage Buildings

The possibility of technology serving humankind to rekindle the lost shine of our older buildings is a budding promise. 3D laser scanning is offering a remote means of logging friable historical structures in the form of 3D modules.

11 Jun 2019

Could a Laser Scan Recreate History?

Heritage sites are emblems of a civilization’s aspirations. Losing them means losing a part of our collective memory. In 2001, laser scans were performed by late art historian and Vassar College professor, Andrew Tallon.

31 May 2019

Upside Down: The Rise of Connected Construction

Innovate. Build. Change. Repeat. It can no longer be denied that we inhabit a 2-planet home world. Earth is unique among planets of planetary system as it is the only habitual planet that has dual gravity.

02 Mar 2019

What Comes After Revit?

The running joke in our industry is that when Revit doesn’t do something, we say, “Well, maybe in the next release.” There are a lot of firms just now getting on the BIM band wagon, and with new technologies coming out, it leaves many to ask, “What comes after Revit?”

15 Oct 2018

BIM: A Digital Paradigm Shift

The architecture profession in currently facing at least three important transformations: the integrated practice, the re-emergence of sustainable design, and building information modeling.

03 Sep 2018

Diving into BIM-Sphere

Architectural Evangelist collects and disseminates best practices as a service to the architects, owners and construction professionals. Transitioning to BIM platform is more than just a technology or process change;

03 Sep 2018

Revitology: The Evolution of Revit over AutoCAD

Despite Revit’s innovative features and flexibility, architectural designers slip into old “AutoCAD habits” when using AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP. Why is this?

10 Jul 2018

What Does the Cloud have to Offer Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

While the general concept of a private cloud is something that many IT professionals are familiar with, the actual creation and deployment of a private BIM cloud requires a high level of IT skills