11 May 2022

5 Expensive Mistakes You’re Making With Casework Shop Drawings

Millwork shop drawing by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – May 11, 2022 While you cannot fully avoid mistakes during construction, you can certainly avoid mistakes that blow a sizeable hole through your company finances. One way to do this is by implementing accurate casework shop drawings. However, shop drawing professionals can and …

04 May 2022

The Best Tips for Health and Safety When Creating Moulding and Millwork

This blog has been updated on – May 04, 2022 When creating moulding and millwork, you need to ensure the safety of millworkers by following the correct procedures. Not doing so can lead to injury, illness, or worse. It is crucial to find ways to minimize the risks of handling millwork materials and prevent any …

06 Apr 2022

Traditional Millwork Vs. Modern Millwork

This blog has been updated on – April 06, 2022 Millwork, as well as millwork shop drawing, has been essential to building construction, interior design and architecture for many centuries. With so many years of history, it is little wonder that there is a difference between traditional millwork and modern millwork.

30 Mar 2022

Battle of the Works: Millwork vs Casework

Wooden armchair by Teddy Yang This blog has been updated on – March 30, 2022 Millwork vs casework: What’s the difference? They might seem similar at first, but soon you’ll find that they are beautifully unique. Let’s dive in.  Table of Contents: What is Millwork What is Casework? Millwork vs Casework: The Major Difference How …

02 Mar 2022

20 Fun Facts About Wood and Woodworking

Sliding doors near body of water, by Pixabay This blog has been updated on – March 02, 2022 Wood and woodworking have a fascinating role in human history and daily life, from benches for Anglo-Saxon monasteries in the 8th century to the table for your toddler’s birthday. Even the most seasoned woodworkers and millwork shop …

24 Jan 2022

Top Restaurant Furniture and Decor Ideas to Attract and Retain Customers

People dining at a restaurant, taken by Ron Lach Restaurant furniture and decor will play a large role in the success of your place. Whether you’re constructing a new restaurant or renovating one,

12 Jan 2022

Types of Tables to Maximize Functionality and Style of Each Space

Wooden table near lamp sconces. Every table is central to a person’s story. You might have celebrated your child’s fifth birthday at one, or written your final dissertation, or eaten warm apple pie with your grandmother.

29 Dec 2021

Should You Choose Precast Concrete or Site Cast Concrete?

A photo of architectural design by David Yu Should you choose precast concrete or site cast concrete? This is a vital question for anyone planning a commercial, hospitality or healthcare construction or renovation project.

20 Dec 2021

What are the Best Furniture Companies?

Lifestyle shot rendering by BluEntCAD Furniture’s global market value is expected to increase each year to reach a value of approximately 650.7 billion USD by 2027. If you’re reading this,

15 Dec 2021

Should You Use SolidWorks Software?

SolidWorks modeling by BluEntCAD If you work in engineering, architecture or design, you’ve heard of SolidWorks software. Every company wants to reduce errors, streamline workflow and improve collaboration –