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Custom Hospitality Millwork

Achieving Synchronicity In Restaurant Through Millwork Design

People love food and in this age of experimentation, they are always on the run to try new things. They love experimenting with food and restaurants.

Casework and Millwork Design Trends in Corporate Environment

There has been a huge shift in the way offices used to be designed 20 years back. The corporate and work

Prerequisites of Millwork Shop Drawings: Give Construction Business An Enormous Boost

In any complex construction project, millwork is an extremely significant component for any kind of interior work.

BluEntCAD: Your preferred Outsourcing Partner for Millwork Drawings

Serving the architectural millwork industry requires attention to detail (a nuanced mind), advanced software, and an eye for dimensional plan views, elevations, sections – and details.

Need furniture? Grow Some! : Gavin Munro of Derbyshire

Gavin Munro of Derbyshire just did. The Dailymail, UK, tells us that he and his wife Alice have been growing chairs, lampshades on a field in Wirksworth, 15 miles north of Derby! The couple

What’s in your chair?

Let’s find out.


The word ‘chair’ comes from the Latin ‘cathedra’, the seat of a bishop. The first office chair was made in 1849 and was called the Centripetal Spring Armchair. It was designed by Thomas E Warren and made by the American Chair Company of Troy,

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