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The beauty of Augmented Reality



The beauty of Augmented Reality: Fogging the lines between the real and the computer world in the construction industry”

With the invention of CAD, BIM and software such as Revit and AutoCAD, construction industries have

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People don’t renovate or remodel their homes with changing seasons. Usually, their homes look the same for years in

Outsource CAD?

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource CAD?

People, Outsourcing


According to Research and Markets, the CAD market in APAC to post revenue of 3.67 billion by 2020.

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In the architecture industry, trends set a mood and help in defining how personal spaces influence lifestyle. Trends do not emerge as fast as it does in food. In this industry, they have the potential to stay

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Going green and saving the planet has become a popular strategy for everyone around the globe. People are determined to be green in every segment of their life. Whether its recycling

Construction Of Quality Architectural Drawings : A Computing Evolution



Before CAD (Computer aided design) emerged on the horizon, our architects and designers were conditioned to use pencil and paper for drawing sketches. They had to battle both time and space in order to create and present these sketches in the stipulated amount of time to their clients. It was not just about drawing a building – they had to pay attention to excruciating details like measurements, scaling, lines etc. Hence, to generate fresh designs, make editions and changes to them was an enormous task for the team.

CAD has the ability to produce accurate and efficient designs. These designs can be built in both 2D and 3D. It obliterates the monotonous efforts of manual drafting as it contains both drafting and editing tools. This aids in creating and modifying the drawings effortlessly thus increasing productivity. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about BluEntCAD ServicesE-mail:
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The advent of this new technology has encouraged designers and architects to adopt an advanced and stimulating form of the design process. They are now focused on producing innovative contemporary designs and spending lesser time on sketching complex drawings. With this paradigm shift from manual drafting to computer-aided drafting the designers are able to deliver futuristic and unique designs to all their clients. They are now being allowed to nourish their creative talents by enabling CAD drafting services to perform a significant role in the background.

Innovation is the key to success in this field. Thus, fabricating creative and innovative designs allows the architectural industry to compete successfully in this field.

Owing to numerous benefits, CAD is being implemented on a huge scale by most of the industries and architects today.

Designs with precision:

The objects drawn by the architects have to be correct in size and alignment. They have to be extremely careful to avoid even the slightest of errors since it can lead to disastrous results. With CAD, there are several methods available to ensure the dimensions and measurements are exact leading to greater accuracy. This results in reducing errors and producing superior quality designs. This in turn also helps in minimizing errors before construction begins.

Breathing life in the model:

3D models can be created manually however it is quite a challenging process. Also, it can be very strenuous and time consuming to work on 3D drawings.  With CAD, it is easier to create 3D models that look more realistic and life-like. It helps the clients to experience and feel the space in the most real form.

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Modifying with ease:

Depending on the clients and their requirements, the editions needed for a particular design can be few to many. Usually, there are bound to be few revisions that architects need to make before the architectural drawings is considered as final. This can be tiresome for manual drafters who have to erase and re-draw to make editions to the drawing. CAD has simplified this modification process. It comprises of both drafting and editing tools. It allows the team to make changes to the design with the help of the editing commands, with just a few clicks of the mouse. The existing objects can be modified with instruments such as mirroring, rotating, scaling, trimming and more. Once an object is drawn, it doesn’t need to be re-drawn again.

An environment-friendly process:

The architectural drawings created by CAD are stored electronically unlike the sketches were done on paper that used to be stored in files or folders. These documents are digitally stored in the computer server on the common database. Thus, it is available to all the members involved in the project right from the design to completion of the project. It is also easier to share it with the clients via the Internet connection. The possibility of misplacing the documents is higher in manual drafting.

These designs are saved in a more organized form; it becomes easier to use them for future reference. Hence, the few standardized elements do not need to be designed again for any future architectural drawings or projects.

Faster turn-around time:

With just a few mouse clicks the architects and designers are able to create architectural drawings which otherwise would take months or even a year to complete manually. So the enormous task of drawing each line for a model by hand can be eliminated. CAD drafting services help in saving a substantial amount of time.  The design created can be easily revised without having to create a new one. The professionals are now able to create better and efficient architectural drawings in less amount of time, which allows them to gain a competitive advantage.

Are you tired of looking at the same old designs for your new space? Want something fresh and innovative? All you need to do is write to us with your requirements.

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