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3D Rendering Pricing Models

Choose the pricing package you want based
on your business needs!


Custom Pricing Packages

100% custom pricing plans based on your needs.

  • National contracts (Most value for money)
  • Bulk order (Great value for money)
  • 0 – 10 renderings (Industry-standard prices)

Team Based or Project Based


Choose your artists from BluEnt’s pool. You control what work you want to allocate to the resources. Team acts as an extension of your in-house team. Monthly billing model, though still flexible.


Work with a fixed price and an order-based model. Send your requirements and we’ll give bids to seek an approval. Partial advance billing.

Changing Needs

We easily accommodate fluctuating workloads

A project could need X people in the first month or year and X + Y people in the second, depending on the phase or the need for different skillsets. We can help you with that preplanning and get you the support you need


Pick Your Team

JuniorJunior artists

3–5 years of experience with modeling and textures

SeniorSenior artists

5+ years of experience with modeling, textures, post-production, landscaping, good understanding of region-specific home & furniture styles

Pick Your Plan (exterior & interior 3D home)


  • Lighting
  • Shadows
  • Colors & textures
  • Landscaping
  • Postproduction
  • Recommended use


  • Conventional
  • Raytrace
  • High resolution
  • Basic, standard library
  • Moderate
  • Marketing/website/ presentation


  • Advanced
  • Detailed
  • Super-high resolution
  • Detailed with photorealism
  • High
  • Printing/brochures


  • Conventional
  • Partial
  • High resolution
  • Basic
  • High
  • Artistic presentation/ conceptual design

Pick Your Plan

Pick Your Plan (3D product shot, lifestyle shot, 360 view)


  • Product shot
  • Lifestyle shot
  • 360 view


  • Simple materials/textures, Limited number of views
  • Focusing only on one product with typical background
  • Click & play, high resolution


  • High resolution material maps, multiple views (one close-up shot), use of advanced plug-ins, materials like fur, wicker
  • Multiple furniture products, light fixtures, furnishings (curtains & rugs), detailed interior environment
  • Maneuver, color & texture options, super-high resolution

Pick Your Plan

Pick Your Plan


Do you provide volume discounts?

Yes. If you can commit to a certain volume of work, we can provide dedicated resources at a discount.

What are the payment terms?

Typical payment terms are between net 7 to net 15. However, we can discuss a different payment term depending on project requirements. Retainers are net 30 to 60 days

What offers do you typically have?

We have seasonal offers, especially around July, Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Repeat customers and long-term clients may receive other offers on occasion.

Is there a fixed cost for each project?

We have two business models: fixed price and retainers. We can provide dedicated resources through our retainer at affordable prices.

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