13 May 2022

How to Create Effective Construction Documents in Revit

Image by Pexels This blog has been updated on – May 13, 2022 Working on a new project is fun – until it comes to documentation. Then it becomes time-consuming and tedious. But if you use the annotation tools for construction documents in Revit, you’ll speed this frustrating process up.

07 Feb 2022

Revit is not BIM. Revit Supports BIM

This blog has been updated on – February 07, 2022 Are Revit and BIM the same? The introduction of 3D modelling has been a revolution for the architecture industry.

22 Jul 2020

Creating 2D Documents And Details In Revit

When people first started working with Revit, many thought it would be hard to create 2D drawings in this software because Revit is primarily a 3D tool.

01 Jul 2019

Benefits of Revit Modelling Services For Architectural Projects

Architectural projects are unarguably, highly demanding tasks that involve professional techniques, approaches, and professional tools.

03 May 2019

Why Use Revit Software?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is poised to be a major innovation in the architecture industry in the 21st century, and Revit supplies oxygen to this wonderful innovation. There are several reasons behind the increasing acceptance of Revit software.