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Project requirements

Project Requirements

  • Creating interior layout and 3D isometric view for SunGard’s workgroup sites.

  • The turnaround time for each project was 2–3 working days.

  • A local architect engaged by SunGard in the US with a license in that region was responsible for checking the documents for other items like adherence to fire codes, door swings, etc.

  • SunGard’s appointed architect provided the libraries and standards for BluEnt’s team to follow.

  • BluEnt designed and drafted workgroup sites that were typically large rooms of desks/chairs in rows.

Project Challenges

SunGard offered two workgroup products:

  • Shared access: In shared, the room was designed to a generic SunGard standard. This was a large room with rows after rows of desks/chairs or 50–200 seats. (2,500-10,000 sq. ft.).

  • Dedicated access: In dedicated, the room was designed to a specific client standard that might have required special workstation layouts, space for copiers/fax/printers, windows, etc. This was between 10–200 seats. (500-10,000 sq. ft.).

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Maximum Value.

Maximum Value. Achieved

BluEnt successfully completed 20+ projects for this client. Some of them are listed below:

  • Côte-Vertu & Quebec City

  • Huntersville

  • GMAC

  • Office layouts

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