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Scan to BIM has multiple applications across various industries. It usually involves laser scanning and creation of a 3D model from point cloud data. Common applications include its use in as-built drawings and in facility management.

  • Scan to BIM technology can also be helpful in the interior design industry. It can be used in restaurants to model the equipment and design of key spaces like commercial kitchens. This process is helpful, for instance, when there are multiple kitchens to be modeled in little time. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Scan to BIME-mail:
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  • BluEntCAD can process the point cloud data in software like Revit to create an accurate 3D model that can be used for record-keeping or redesigning the space.
  • In another use of Scan to BIM technology, the laser scanner can be inserted in the ceiling to capture the network of building services that run through the building. This task would be time-consuming or nearly impossible if done manually.
  • Another interesting use of this technology is in the insurance industry. Drones equipped with scanning equipment are sent over homes and other buildings, recording the roof data, which is then used to calculate the area and slope.
  • This data is used for calculating insurance premiums and payouts and makes the process easier compared to the use of traditional 2D drawings for this purpose.
  • The precision of the scan depends on the number of points a laser scanner can capture.

BE Innovative

The applications of Scan to BIM technology are numerous and it is possible to be innovative. Almost anything can be scanned and modeled.

A fascinating application is its use in processing road accidents. The scanner can easily capture each element of the accident and the scene can then be recreated. It is time to be innovative and capture what you imagine!

Maximum Value. Achieved.
  • Our draftsmen have experience with accurate processing of scanned files.
  • The accuracy of the point cloud model is a requirement of many key industries and BluEntCAD will help.
  • A key benefit of using BluEntCAD is round-the-clock processing of scanned files.
  • We can set up 24-hour teams supported by our multiple global offices. This is a significant advantage, resulting in quick turnaround times, especially in industries like insurance.
  • Global teams complement the knowledge of software and techniques to enable efficient processes.

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