BIM: a Catalyst to Changes in the Construction Industry

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is 3D CAD tool that captures the geometry of walls, foundations, frames, roofs, and window systems of a building. It is a process of generating and maintaining building data.

A typical BIM covers geometry, light analysis, climate zone information, quantities and properties of building components, and uses 3D software to increase productivity in building design and construction.

With the help of 3D, it can show the building’s life cycle, including the processes of construction and facility operation before its execution.

It is a tool to aggregate the information we know about a building into a unified CAD software system instead of a group of inconsistent computer tools. BIM seeks to unify the processes of construction and facility operations in a single software environment.

Value Promises of BIM

By building virtual models of projects, users can perform as meticulously as planned. Also, lifecycle costing can help evaluate the sustainability of a facility.

The reduction of time to deliver facilities also generates savings, which in some cases can be large. It forecasts building performances before construction, and can cut waste and the demand for resources. It offers an intelligent solution for the integration of the disciplines involved in building design.

With the help of 3D software, it provides us the opportunity to perform conflict or clash analysis between different building systems. It provides great value to architecture and construction professionals.

BIM is an Innovative Approach to Building Design

  • Construction Documentation
  • Creation of “Intelligent” Library
  • 3D Visualization and Building Construction
  • Conflict Detection and Risk Mitigation
  • Effort, Time and Cost Saving

BluEntCAD BIM Support Services

BluEntCAD’s BIM solutions greatly improve productivity and efficiency by streamlining the creation, storage and communication of design information with intelligent 3D models. With every project we successfully execute we strengthen our position as leaders in the architectural offshoring industry.

  • BluEntCAD offers and outsources BIM construction documentation services for your architectural projects.
  • BluEntCAD creates an intelligent 3D virtual information model of your architecture projects.
  • We help you identify design conflicts and ensure a coordinated project design model that can reduce change and help you save time and money.
  • We create project models for renderings, animation, and energy analysis.
  • We help you create intelligent parametric libraries for various building products, and give support for engineering coordination.

BluEnt Employs the Following BIM Tools

  • RevitĀ® Architecture 2010
  • Chief Architect

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