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03 Aug 2016

4 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be An Architect

Have you ever felt overwhelmed looking at the marvels that are buildings?

Do you recognize patterns, design and its evolution in everything you look at?

Are all architectural marvels of the world on your to-visit bucket list?


Too many questions.

But yes, you are at it: you are an architect in making or have some penchant to start your own architecture services company.

It’s often our musing here at BluentCAD that as long as there are building to design and bridges to build, architects will be alive and kicking. No amount of technological advances is going to eliminate this profession – at least anytime soon.

Also, philosophically speaking, as long as humans exist and evolve, architecture would exist and evolve to accommodate the ever-changing needs of mankind.

Architects are dreamers. They are master imaginators. Architects are free spirits, bound by office timings and construction site visits.

Kidding. Architects are amazing, interesting people who create wondrous, safe and functional structures for residential and commercial purposes.

In 2018, the average median annual pay of architectural professionals was $97,522 and nearly 110,000 people worked this job profile.

Excited already?

Well, here are some key pointers to see if you have what it takes to become an architect:

You are a creatively stirred person.

Not that people in other professions are boring as hell – but your creative juices are a notch above!

You envision designs that may look simple at first, but you know how to unlock complexity with simplicity – and make it look awe-inspiring by synthesizing your left and right brain hemispheres to the optimum.

Your creativity stems from being a visionary of your craft – that when manifests, makes your clients awestruck when they see the ‘real’ version of their idea.


You are a tinkerer.

You love toying with designs until you reach your own version of perfection. You sketch with your discerning eye to see what will eventually look good post pen to paperwork. You are not satisfied with the status-quo – and you want to ensure that your iteration reaches that critical peak of imagination. You like outthinking conventions and redefining architecture.

You are a juggler when it comes to skills, competencies and work approach. Maths + Science + Art + your intuition:

You are versatile and an astute multitasker. Be it numbers, angles or lines, you have worked on demanding projects that may have different requirements and may want a different set of competencies and team synergies to tend to.

For example: Sometimes you’d need to be onsite to see the building’s construction, and sometimes you’d need to train your team in using software to come up with an innovative piece of marketing collateral to get your next customer – you know you will handle these responsibilities well.

You have vast knowledge [not just] of your field, but also have a broader perspective of other industries: 

Learning architecture comes from many different sources of information: like marketing, sales, literature, communication design, arts, drawings, paintings, mathematics, and science – perhaps the list is longer than this. You are inspired by how you can leverage different pieces of knowledge and parlay your insights into your next project.

Up for this profession? Well, we love it! And so would you.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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