25 May 2022

Unapologetic, Naked and Bold: Brutalist Architecture

Contrary to popular assumption that Brutalism is derived from the word ‘brutal’, it more likely comes from the French term béton brut, which means ‘raw concrete’.

18 May 2022

How to Design Mixed-Use Buildings

This blog has been updated on – May 18, 2022 Mixed use buildings, which have both residential and commercial elements, generally require more construction documentation than regular buildings. This is especially true if the project is large and complex, with varying floor plans and layouts.

27 Apr 2022

How 3D Artists Elicit Emotions With Architectural Rendering

Interior rendering of dining space by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 27, 2022 Photorealistic 3D rendering isn’t just about creating an architectural space. It’s also about eliciting the right emotions so you can sell your work with a distinct competitive advantage. 3D artists are crucial to emotional marketing, and today, we’ll …

18 Aug 2021

Open Floor Plans For Residential Architecture: Origin, Pros and Cons

3D living room rendering by BluEntCAD Open floor plans have been one of the most dominant architectural trends in residential design and remodeling projects since around 1990.

11 Aug 2021

Tried and Tested: The Best Color Choices for Commercial Architecture Projects

Interior rendering by BluEntCAD Selecting a color palette for a commercial architecture project? To give you a head start, BluEntCAD has put together this guide for colors for commercial spaces, such as offices,

09 Aug 2021

Top Architecture Industry Trends That Construction Firms Should Know

Interior rendering by BluEntCAD As the AEC industry becomes more competitive and the market continues to change, taking advantage of architecture industry trends will be valuable to homebuilders, real estate developers, large architectural and engineering companies, home design companies, and more.

12 May 2021

The Best Practices to Adopt For Your Architectural Drawings

Arc Documentation Solutions surveyed more than 1,000 AEC professionals. Nearly 50% expressed the concern that faulty architectural drawings are a major cause of project delays.

05 May 2021

Building the Future: How to Keep Up With the Latest Architectural Trends

Architectural trends may not move as fast as, say, fashion or food trends. However, when they do move, they tend to make strong statements,

26 Apr 2021

Discover the Most Iconic Architectural Rendering Styles

Architectural rendering has gone through several technological advancements. These have brought it closer and closer to art forms such as painting, photography and cinema.

15 Mar 2021

The Conceptual Design Phase: What It Is and What You Should Expect

The conceptual design phase, or the schematic design phase, is the first out of five steps to undertake any construction project. It has a decisive influence on the quality and costs