03 Jan 2019

Technology and Software at the Buildings Show in Toronto

Downtown Toronto was buzzing with people as usual as I walked into the convention centre for the Buildings Show.

29 Mar 2017

Creation of digital blueprints made simple & effortless with BluEnt

Construction drawings are a significant part of every project in the architecture world.

30 Nov 2016

AutoCAD vs. Revit or both: ‘A boisterous competition’

AutoCAD and Revit are the two key supreme tools used in the construction industry all over the world. While AutoCAD is a

09 Nov 2016

Technology Overhauling The Architecture Industry

“Technology Overhauling The Architecture Industry: Turning unobtainable futuristic views and ideas into reality” Technology has been changing many aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally. In architecture, technology has profoundly

13 Apr 2016

Best EVs on the Road

We made our list of the top electric cars of the moment. Electric vehicles (EV) were once seen as an impractical alternative to fuel version. But today it has emerged as a revolution.

01 Apr 2016

Happy birthday to us.

The first of April marks the 13th anniversary of BluEnt’s operations in Houston, Toronto, and New Delhi. Time flies, doesn’t it? We had just begun in 2003, and look at where we are now! A global client base, employees operating across multiple locations, and a renewed commitment to achieving value.

03 Mar 2016

Home Maintenance 101

Homes are more than brick and mortar; homes are our happy place. Like a family, a home also needs love and respect. For a long-lasting home, you need to pay attention to the needs of the home and keep an eye on things that might need occasional repair. We made a list of 15 essentials …

17 Feb 2016

Need furniture? Grow Some! : Gavin Munro of Derbyshire

Gavin Munro of Derbyshire just did. The Dailymail, UK, tells us that he and his wife Alice have been growing chairs, lampshades on a field in Wirksworth, 15 miles north of Derby! The couple

07 Jan 2016

The Architecture of Radio

What’s in the air we breathe? More than oxygen. It is loaded with radio signals. And, now, we can see them! Thanks to Richard Vijgen, we have


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