03 Jun 2022

The Best Types of Flooring for Your Unique Needs 

Image of kitchen with faucet and island by Sidekix Media Maybe your client asked you for advice on what flooring to use in her new single-family home. Maybe you’re remodeling your bathroom and want to know the best types of flooring for your needs. Either way, this article is going to make your work easier …

27 May 2022

What are Assembly Shop Drawings?

Man welding steel by Roxana Williams This blog has been updated on – May 27, 2022 Assembly drawings are presentations (or representations) of products or structures with their components or parts connected together in their relative working positions while in use. Why are they so important to the construction process, and what do they include?

11 May 2022

5 Expensive Mistakes You’re Making With Casework Shop Drawings

Millwork shop drawing by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – May 11, 2022 While you cannot fully avoid mistakes during construction, you can certainly avoid mistakes that blow a sizeable hole through your company finances. One way to do this is by implementing accurate casework shop drawings. However, shop drawing professionals can and …

22 Dec 2021

What is Terrazzo Flooring? Everything You Need to Know About This Stylish Element

3D render of terrazzo podiums Terrazzo flooring will give any space, whether commercial or residential, a feel that is both modern and timeless. But what is terrazzo, and how and where should you use it?

01 Dec 2021

What are the Different Types of Lighting and Light Fixtures?

Hotel lobby interior rendering by BluEntCAD Whether you’re working on a commercial, residential or hospitality architectural project, you’re going to need to know about the different types of lighting for ambience,

30 Aug 2021

7 Stone Trends to Jazz Up Your Residential Interiors

Marble kitchen countertop with a minimal metal faucet “Stone cold” doesn’t have to apply to your interiors. With these seven stone trends, you’ll be able to add class, charm and warmth to your home.

25 Aug 2021

The Latest Tile Trends For Modern Interiors

3D rendering of modern lounge by dit26978 Whether you’re looking for bathroom tile ideas, kitchen backsplash ideas, or even something for hotel interior design, it’s useful to know the latest tile trends.

21 Jul 2021

The Importance of Great Structural Fabrication Drawings

Black sail ship on body of water. If you’re in the construction, architecture, or steel fabrication industry, you’ll know about structural fabrication drawings. But why is it crucial to get them exactly right? 

22 Mar 2021

Why Does The AEC Industry Rely On Shop Drawings Services?

Shop drawings services play a crucial role in the AEC industry. The are valued today because of the wide range of utilities and applications you can put detailed drawings to.

10 Feb 2021

Duct Shop Drawings: How to Get Them Right for Maximum Efficiency

HVAC components are the backbone of any building. Comfortable temperatures, good air quality and energy efficiency are just a few of the benefits occupants