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Shop Drawings

MEP Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings vs Construction Drawings vs As-Built Drawings

If you work in the AEC industry, then you must have heard the terms ‘construction drawings’,’shop drawings’ and ‘as-built drawings’ quite often.

Millwork Shop Drawings for Convertible Furniture

The global real estate market has seen several trends in the recent past. From DIYs to green interiors, the list is unending. However,

What are Tile Mockup Designs and Why Do You Need Them?

Working with tiles is both exciting and frustrating – you want to experiment, but also fear how the final layout will turn out.

Furniture Parametric Modeling: Advantages and Applications

Parametric models have the ability to change their geometry when their dimension values are modified.

How to Get Precast Concrete Shop Drawings Right?

In today’s Knowledge Series, we unearth details surrounding the precast concrete process, types of precast components, their features, and industries using this technology.

Build A Rocking Deck With Deck Shop Drawings

A deck of a house is an elevated platform built above ground. It is connected to the main building, usually surrounded by railings for safety.


BluEntCAD’s Knowledge Series: A Guide to Steel Shop Drawings

Steel detailing is essential for any construction project. Be it buildings, bridges, industrial units, commercial complexes, elevators, or air handling units, the steel detailing process is a critical step in construction

What are the benefits of MEP Shop Drawings?

MEP components are the stepping stones to your construction project and MEP shop drawings help you design these components accurately.

Must Know NFPA Information For Shop Drawings Professionals

Life is precious, and all efforts must be made to reduce or prevent incidences that can result in death or injury through hazards that can be prevented or avoided.

7 Traits of a Professional Shop Drawing Company

Shop drawings are the foundation for the manufacturing process of required components or products. Fabricators, manufacturers, and suppliers depend on shop drawings 

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