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17 May 2017

Challenges Of Construction Documents And Ways to Overcome Them

Documents are the most significant constituent of a construction project. They have to be managed throughout the construction period as they hold every minute detail of the project. In the olden days, the maintenance of project documents was done manually. However, with technology and its advancements taking the industry by a storm, the documents are now computerized and being managed in a more methodical and systematic way.

The construction projects are becoming more complex than ever. The construction documentation go through more and quicker modifications, more often, and hence the cycle times are faster. In the age of drones and robots, the stakeholders have higher expectations that every bit of the information related to the project or revisions will be available no matter where they are, at any time.

Addressing and meeting all requirements of those involved in the construction project is a tough task. However, with BIM, Revit and its endless benefits, the challenges have been handled effectively. BIM includes a superior level of design documentation by displaying detailed reports, informative descriptions and providing an excruciating level of detailing for every single phase of every construction project. This helps in meeting and at times exceeding the client’s standards.

There are various challenges that organizations have been facing with regards to construction documentation. However, BluEntCAD has been able to fix and overcome these problems by accepting and embracing the new technological ways of documenting.

Challenge 1: Bringing out accuracy in the measurements and working drawings

Accuracy is a high definition quality needed in the construction field. Humans are known for their imperfections whereas computers for their flawlessness. By adopting AutoCAD and Revit, documenting the drawings and design of any structure has become more efficient and meticulous. By using Revit instead of AutoCAD, the process of setting line weights or adding structural details is more streamlined. Thus, with an accurate documentation of the structure design and details by experts these problems and challenges is handled more efficiently and the project is completed in a stipulated amount of time.

Challenge 2: Reducing the errors and avoiding major damages during construction

This has been one of the biggest challenges faced by every architectural organization around the globe. However by using a meticulously detailed drawing created with the thorough utilization of the new technological processes many errors and mistakes are addressed during the working drawings phase. Both the client and the BluEntCAD team members have access to these drawings. Since these superior quality blueprints cover every little step in the construction process both stakeholders and the team are able to detect and modify majority of the problems early in the design process.

Challenge 3: Collaborating effectively with team

Team effort is key to an organization’s success in every field. The mantra in the business world is “Good teamwork equals to an efficient organization.” This holds even truer for the construction industry. BIM reinforces a seamless coordination process between every team member in BluEntCAD. They have a standard and an accurate set of construction documents accessible to everyone. This allows the entire team to stay connected and informed and remain on the same page through the construction project.

Challenge 4: Exceeding client’s expectations by using a cost effective approach

Another major challenge, when competition is at its peak is exceeding client’s expectation and requirements. Clients can be very demanding; after all, they do spend an enormous amount of money on their future/dream projects. However meeting their requirements in the most cost-effective way can help the organization to get in their ‘best’ books.

With the help of the latest technologies, the BluEntCAD drafters are able to easily draw out the rough layouts or make changes to the standard designs, which allows their clients to instantly view their dream projects. 3D rendering allow them to try out different design options at any given moment. Revit is thus helping BluEntCAD by producing excruciating detailed reports that are very informative. Using these reports at the time of the construction helps in avoiding errors and aids improvement in precision and efficiency.

BluEntCAD, over the years, with the help of technology, has acquired indispensable expertise that is valuable for creating the most meticulous and accurate construction documents. Contact us we have a dedicated team who can overcome any obstacle and create the most precise architecture construction document assuring a successful execution of your building project.

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