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19 Jul 2021

6 Inspiring Condo Interior Design Ideas

So, you’ve signed that dotted line for your condo. Congratulations! Now your attention has turned to your interior. Many people get excited – and stuck – at this stage, so we’ve come up with the best condo interior design ideas to help you out.


Before you eyeball any of the tips below, answer yourself this: what is your lifestyle and personal taste? It’s important that your living space – especially if you work from home – is a reflection of who you are and suits your needs. It’s not just about the latest interior design trends.

If you’re not certain what theme you want, it may be a good idea to go for neutrals. This will give you plenty of opportunity to opt for splashes of color and accent pieces later on.

With that said, let’s dive into the top condo interior design ideas.

6 Condo Interior Design Ideas

  • The Right Color Palette

    This will largely depend on the amount of natural light you get in your condo. If you get plenty of it, consider painting your walls sage, dark blue, and ochre. If there isn’t a lot of light, give the impression of a more well-lit space with gray, slivery-gray, white, or blush.

    And if you live in a place that’s a bit cold? Wallpaper helps retain the heat. It often goes unmentioned, but it’s a great option in its own right.

    Some color combinations you can try are:

    • White, red and gray:

      Think warmth, elegance, and sobriety. For a truly striking look, paint your walls a charcoal shade and offset it with red, white, or beige decor.

    • Yellow, white and gray:

      This is the definition of a “happy” combination. Go for white walls, offset with yellow decor (including flowers!) and gray furniture. Wood pieces can also add to the charm.

    • Aqua, green and tangerine:

      Soothing’s the word. These colors will add a summery, beach-y vibe that will make you feel blissed-out year-round.

    • Blue and red:

      Looking to make a statement? Give your walls a royal blue makeover and add in some ruby red furniture and accent pieces. Your guests’ jaws won’t lift off the floor – for the best reasons!

    • Neutral backdrops with bright pops:

      If you’re not quite willing to paint your walls red, blue or purple just yet, but still want some color, this option is for you. Think candy hues for your accents, such as hot pink, orange popsicle or lemon yellow. They’ll be the perfect complement to beige or white walls.

    If you’re uncertain how these colors might look in real life, 3D rendering is a good option to get a preview.

  • Biophilic Design

    A green view can be hard to get with condo living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of greenery. Get that country, mountain or beach feel with biophilic interiors. We have written about this, since it deserves its own article! Go check it out for some classy ideas you can steal.

    Biophilic Design Still from architectural walkthrough by BluEntCAD

  • Maximize Your Space – A Mainstay of Condo Interior Design

    You don’t have to say goodbye to ample storage space or the appearance of a larger area just because you have a small condo.

    Using zones is one of the smartest things you can do in this situation. This means utilizing a space for more than one purpose. You use carpets, convertible furniture, or different color schemes to “divide” a room and indicate that the function has changed.

    If you want to read up on multifunctional furniture and how you can use it, we’ve got an article on that. Some examples of multifunctional furniture would be sofa-cum-beds, foldable tables, “hidden” storage such as custom cabinets, or moveable kitchen islands.

    Create the illusion of space with these condo decor ideas:

    • A strategically placed mirror can increase the light.

    • Oversized curtains can make your space appear larger. Floor-to-ceiling curtains work especially well for this purpose. A large rug will have a similar effect.

    • A large wall hanging, such as a painting or tapestry, can make your space look less cluttered.

    • Want to maximize negative space for more freedom of movement and an airier look? Opt for transparent furniture, such as ghost chairs or an acrylic dining table, furniture with exposed legs, and floating shelves.

    • If you keep your furniture a few inches away from your walls, it will give the impression of more space.

    Interior rendering by BluEntCAD Interior rendering by BluEntCAD

  • Go For Minimalist Interior Design

    If you want your home interior design to look modern and sleek, a minimalist interior is the way to go. Stick to clean lines, a lack of clutter, and some greenery, whether faux or real.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Some Curves

    If your condo is box-shaped or has only sharp walls, soften the look with curved furniture, such as a round dining table, a round or oval bathroom mirror, a round lamp, and so on.

  • Focus on the Lighting

    As far as condo interior design ideas go, this one’s up there.

    We know that light can be a scarce commodity in city homes. Here’s how to lighten up your space:

    • Use wall-mounted swing-arm lights, wall sconces, or track kit lighting instead of placing lamps on your floors and tables. This will have the added benefit of freeing up precious floor and table space.


    • Consider a dimmer control. By creating layers of light and visual interest, you can give the impression of a larger area.

    • Adding a variety of light sources make your condo much cozier.

    • Use a picture light to give your space a luxurious touch.

    • Got a bookcase or shelf? Put a little lamp in there! It will add a splash of whimsy.

    • A statement lamp such as a sculptural lamp can help to ground a space as well as add a “wow” factor. Many designers would approve of a larger lamp, too.


No matter the condo interior design ideas you choose, your space should always be comfortable, usable, and uniquely you.

We hope these tips have given you some insights into how to transform your house into a home! Through smart planning, utilization of space, and expression of individuality, you can turn any space into a personal haven.

If you’ve got an interior design down pat and need CAD drafting, product rendering or interior rendering, you’re at the right place. BluEntCAD is a CAD drafting company formed all the way back in 2003. We always keep up with the latest interior design trends to give you the best results.

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