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Understanding Residential Construction Documents: Effectively Communicating The Final Design

Construction Drawings

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Download Our Construction Drawings Sample

Download Our Construction Drawings Sample

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Residential Construction Documents

In every residential construction project, the construction documentation holds a lot of significance. The CD sets are created and often updated for the homeowners, the local/state departments and the contractors. The residential CD sets are proof of the quality, process and building requirements.

The residential documentation help to effectively showcase and communicate the design to those involved in the project. The structure plans, working drawings, and architectural blueprints constitute the CD sets. The digital blueprints enable the homeowners to validate that the design is according to their expectations and visualizations and that their ideas have been incorporated into the project. In any residential construction project, the people who need to approve these documents are the owner, jurisdictional authorities and the contractors. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Residential Construction DocumentsE-mail:
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The jurisdiction authority such as the building and planning department review the construction drawings and residential building plans to ensure that the design meets the state and local building code requirements. The building code requirements incorporate site, view and seismic essentials along with the energy efficiency regulations. The construction permit is then given once the review of the CD sets is approved.

The contractors use these architectural drawings to understand the design and scope of the residential construction project. It also helps them to know what and when consultants such as plumbers, electricians, etc. are required for the specific project. Through the CD sets, they are able to figure out the timelines and the cost of the building project.

The CD sets include digital photographs, painfully detailed descriptions and specifications of each section and feature. These accurate construction drawings that are simple and easy to understand, give a deeper understanding of the entire process. The architectural documentation is then integrated into the construction process to ensure that the project is finished in a stipulated amount of time with minimum errors.

Organizations depend on skilled professionals, advanced technology and a greatly detailed understanding of the residential industry to deliver a world class service. By developing a precise and efficient set of construction documents they minimize duplication or revisions, ensuring residential projects are completed on time.

These are the significant elements of effectively communicating the final design of the residential projects to the clients:

Creation Of Drawings

The CD sets for residential projects are developed using Revit and AutoCAD applications. These working drawings include foundations drawings, floor plans, roof plans, structural/roof framings, elevations, sections, and interior elevations.

BIM Model

BluEntCAD embraced BIM at a very early stage. The BIM tools, Revit Architecture and Revit MEP is used to create 3D BIM models. Using a database-driven Revit application enables a higher level of control and precision when working on 3D models, floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and material/quantity details. Post this stage, the final design CD sets are released once the surfacing clashes are rectified.

3D Interactive Plans

BluEnt can prepare a varied selection of floor plans. These plans can be used in brochures or websites. The floor plans can be created in a variety of formats such as color-coded plans, 3D plans with/without furniture, and also 3D interactive plans showcasing the various design alternatives for a chosen residence type.

3D Rendering

Photorealistic 3D renderings are computer generated for both external and internal sections. After creating the most precise and accurate 3D models, they are incorporated into the 3D rendering applications to develop these photorealistic images. Customization as per the client’s wishes or style is possible by using the artistic effects and watercolor images.

Incorporating Client’s Specific Ideas

The construction drawings are usually customized based on the client’s choice of the design options shared with them. These choices and ideas are included in the base production plans to deliver a complete and integrated drawing set for the building project.

BluEntCAD can help you create the most accurate residential construction documents that can be effortlessly integrated into the building development process. We have over a decade of architectural documentation experience.

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