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05 Oct 2016

Green Trends : The Most Fashionable Trends In Housing Sector

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Going green and saving the planet has become a popular strategy for everyone around the globe. People are determined to be green in every segment of their life. Whether its recycling or wearing eco fashion clothes or using ecofriendly bags – it’s a trend that isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. A significant difference has also been noticed in-house buildings.

We have seen many innumerable trends in the housing sector, from wooden flooring to cover the walls with fabrics. However, in the last two years ‘building green’ has emerged as one of the hottest trends in house building.

Initially, when this trend had just surfaced on the horizon, it was mostly about saving energy. Today, for many, it isn’t only about saving energy costs but also playing their part to help the environment. Hence, there has been a greater evolution in this sphere. People now insist on using sustainable and non-toxic products that have been made from recycled or recyclable or plant-based materials. Those who are renovating or repairing their existing homes work towards making them more environment-friendly.

A green home now appeals to many and is being embraced by a larger audience. There is no point in denying that your home is going to be way more trendy and attractive with a handful of eco-friendly improvements. If you are looking at building a new home or renovating your existing one, here are a few trends that you should keep in mind.

Small Home Movement:

If you remember, years ago, the size of the house mattered. People wanted to own big houses for a variety of reasons. But it is not so today. With many shifting to the inner city they have come to realize that large apartments cost way more and use more energy than required. People now want tinier affordable homes that are easier to manage. It is about adding meaning to the place that they can identify with. Since the homes are more compact, architects use their creative space utilization techniques to create beautiful eco-friendly homes.

Lightings – aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency

Lightings providing ‘two in one’ benefits are much more appreciated by everyone today. The traditional lighting system such as the 60-watt bulbs uses up a lot of energy. Hence it is not an option for those looking to go green. The CFL and LED lights use lesser energy, saves money and lasts longer. They also look way better than the traditional bulbs.

Bamboo – the beautiful soft wood

Bamboo materials have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. It is an attractive wood that is made from a renewable energy source. It is popularly used for cabinetry, flooring, furniture mostly in bathrooms and kitchens. A bit of research needs to be done before purchasing bamboo materials for your home. Though sustainable, you need to ensure that you get the high-quality bamboos from the manufacturers. One of the most popular, rapidly renewable used plywood called ‘plyboo’ is made from strips of bamboo. It is a popular choice for cabinets, wallboards etc.

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Passive Construction – The green approach

Passive home construction has become the most significant trend in building and renovating houses. It rotates around reducing energy and improving energy costs. This does not mean that you make only a few eco-improvements. It deals with every aspect of your home, ensuring that you build your home in the most environment-friendly and clean way. It makes it more energy efficient help you reduce carbon footprint. There are many suggestions listed to ensure that environmentally conscious decisions are taken such as materials that should be used and how they should be disposed of.

Conserve Water, Use Solar

‘Saving water’ is a really important discussion and a fastest growing trend around the world. It has become necessary for people to avoid using excess water because of all the drought-ridden areas that have proved to be threatening. There are a few features available which help in conserving water such as low flow toilets, water saving showerheads, smart water control etc.

Solar roofing is gaining popularity because of its ability to improve energy conduction and reduced costs. It helps in reducing monthly energy rates and also adds value to your homes.

Jump on board. Let’s discuss how you can add the latest green improvements to make your homes attractive and trendy. We can make your dream become a reality with 3D rendering services contact our team of experts.

Already built a green home? Tell us what all trends did you adopt to create your new eco-friendly home. We would love to hear from you.

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