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25 May 2018

Follow the Top Interior Design Trends of This Year

Trends are the regular phenomenon of constant change with the passing time.

Trends keep changing – if you are from the interior design industry, it’s your duty to follow them religiously and add your innovations to the lot. Change is constant in our lives, especially when we talk about the creative world. Everything is trending with the expiry date as what is famous today might get replaced by something else tomorrow. Nothing talks more like colors, textures and accents do, but we have laid down the list of top interior design trends followed in the year of 2018.

Popping Colors

Canadians are quite conservative to crazy bright colors and patterns, at least when it comes to interior designing. We follow the traditional philosophy of keeping colors and patterns neutral as it believes to be helpful in resale value our homes. But this will change during the year of 2018.

We are already seeing popping greens, reds and yellows in the interiors. People are slowly accepting the color in their homes and it will change the neutral trend completely.

Mixed Patterns of Interiors

Mix and match is the new fashion. People want colors and non-uniform patterns in their interiors to bring in the interesting factor. Patterns are mostly used to depict an expression or to make a connection with another era and a place. It also to represents the owner’s personality and the character in these vibrant patterns. We can outline a path to give you a starting point.

For instance, pick a primary pattern or a color such as floral and yellow. Primary color and pattern become dominant in the interior of the room.

Once you are done with it, you can choose the secondary patterns and colors to compliment the former ones. You can mostly use these secondary concepts on the rugs, cushions, and lights.

You need to be super careful in keeping your design simple yet unusual by sticking to a theme. If you like geometric patterns, then keep your interior design geometric despite being primary or secondary. You should complete it by choosing the furniture coordinated with the colors or patterns in the room.

We understand it sounds like a lot of work but trust us this trend is all you want this season. Many believe that the inspiration came from the New York Fashion week and this pattern has been a hit among Canadian interior designers.

Hottest Side Tables

Side tables are mostly considered as an ignored object in the interiors. We usually ought to choose the side table matching colors or patterns with the other furniture in the room which blends it in with the rest of the area and we just look past it. This year has changed this trend completely as the colorful unique side tables are becoming more popular with the people. Side tables are the most important element in the interiors, not just for the functional use of it but also for the display. If done right, you can use side tables like sculptures with the two distinctive tables in the same room. Selecting a right side is also an art, it’s like creative balance between two different furniture pieces within a room. 

Creativity of Rugs

Rooms would get the luxury and atmosphere if you would add right details such as rugs. Interior Design Show believes that rugs are more than what they are meant for.  We follow the same advice for the rugs too. Blend-in is an old style, uniqueness is the new game in the interior world. Switch those plain and simple rugs with bold and unique styles. Experiment with the bright colors, unique patterns, and interesting prints this season.

You definitely need to use these trending interior designs to impress your clients in 2018. You can achieve anything successfully if you put your focus and hard work to it. We, at BluEntCAD, always support challenging creative projects with our team of interior drafters. BluEntCAD caters to the interior designing industry and works with many creative geniuses who apply such approach towards their work. We help you in drafting interior designs with the exact minutiae given by the interior designers. If you have your project ready, lets draft to make it real.

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